10-09-2018, 06:50 PM
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Its been confirmed by a AoS Utah store manager (we have 2 in the whole state...) that this is true but they dont know when the changes are going to happen.He thinks before Christmas , which seems kind of logical but also could be by the end of November (kind of a Black Friday deal for the badger brushes).

He also told me that brushes would go for 50% off or even more to clear up all the inventory since they cant be returned to the maker (most of them are made by Viktoria , others by Muhle and Vulfix , I think).

He didnt know who would be the maker of the new AoS synthetic brushes either how many models would be offer.

We shall see.

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 10-09-2018, 06:58 PM
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Hopefully, this creates more enthusiast demand for badger brushes from artisans.

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 10-09-2018, 09:01 PM
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 10-15-2018, 10:19 AM
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I was in La Jolla at the Art of Shaving store there (Fashion Valley?) and they still have a full stocking of badger brushes, but Steve, the Manager also said that January 19, 2019 will be the last day that they offer them for sale. I asked if he knew what outlet they would sell at and he suggested looking for them at TJ Maxx and Marshall's.

I've also found some AoS stuff at my local Ross in the past, but yeah, figured that they would be liquidating them in light of the PETA Scandalous news leaks...

I've never been a fan of their brushes ( or prices, for that matter), but I am a fan of their shave creams and skin care.

It would be nice to pick up some AoS brushes if they were significantly reduced...or at least to a more normal cost.

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