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To add more info (or more confusion Wink ) to this post : Badger hair grades from the Meles Meles (European badger) Im going to add the information that some brush makers give about how they classified the quality of badger hair.
As we already know,there is not a unification in how to name the different badger hair,which could lead to confusion when purchasing a shaving brush,if you dont know or are familiar with the different badger hair types out there.I hope to bring some light and info with this post and help ton clarify a little bit better,this sometimes,kind of "confusing" world of badger hair names.


The most famous brush makers ,among the shaving experts,and this is taken from Mr Gary Young's post regarding Simpson's classification of the badger hair : Badger hair grades and characteristics

Pure badger
[Image: Simpson%20Pure.jpg?m=1347218231]

Pure badger hair is the commonest grade of hair. Around about 60% of the hair obtainable from a single badger is graded as ‘Pure’.

Location on Badger: Usually from the underbelly area.

Normal Colour Range: Black to a Dark Brown/Tan, Dark Grey.

Characteristics: Thick filament with less lateral flex than higher grade hair and less tapering along the filament.

Face ‘Feel’: Scratchy/Scrubby – normally thought of as the best hair for exfoliating. Normally brushes made from Pure grade have low density knots (less hair per knot) but still have low flexibility due to the stiffness of the filaments.

Soap or Cream?: Usually good for hard soaps due to the coarseness of the filament ends.

Ageing characteristics: Pure hair tends to ‘bleach’ quicker than higher grade hair giving it a look more akin to a Boar after prolonged exposure to sunshine. The filament ends will soften over time but do tend to keep their scratchy feel – more so than Best grade.

Best badger
[Image: Simpson%20Best%20Badger.jpg?m=1347218230]

Best badger hair is a ‘mid-range’ hair grade. Around about 25% of the hair obtainable from a single badger is graded as ‘Best’.

Location on Badger:Usually from the belly area.

Normal Colour Range: Grey to Light Brown/Tan with more significant colour difference between bands.

Characteristics: More tapering filaments than Pure grade with softer tips. Better lateral flex along the filament than Pure due to the tapering nature of the hair.

Face ‘Feel’: Less scratchy than Pure grade but still has a scrubby feel. Mid to high density knots (mid level of hair per knot) with better flexibility than Pure due to the tapering filaments.

Soap or Cream?: Good for both soap and cream. Due to the fact that it holds water better than Pure it is ideal for creams that require more water to create lather.

Ageing characteristics: Tends to hold its colour better than Pure grade but the filament tips can grey more over time creating a look of a ‘two band’ brush.

Super badger
[Image: Simpson%20super%20badger.jpg?m=1347218230]

Super badger hair is a fine grade of badger hair. Around about 10% of the hair obtainable from a single badger is graded as ‘Super’.

Location on Badger: Usually from the neck/mane area.

Normal Colour Range: Dark Grey/Black central band with silver/white filament ends.

Characteristics: Even finer tapered filaments than Best grade. Extremely pliable filaments – more lateral flex than Best grade.

Face ‘Feel’: Soft feel to the face, no scratch, Can feel firmer than Best grade due to the high density knot (high level of hair per knot) that can be made because of the finer filaments. Can be described as a more ‘velvet’ feel than best.

Soap or Cream?: Tends to be better suited to creams due to the lack of scratch on the filament ends, although densely packed knots can work well with soaps.

Ageing Characteristics: Super grade tends to keep its look over Pure and Best. Colours tend not to fade as much as the lower grades. In some cases the tips can curl or ‘hook’ over time. This can be caused by the initial sterilising process that badger hair is put through by hair suppliers.


Rooney Badger Hair Grades

Finest Badger Hair
[Image: Rooney%20finest.jpg?m=1347219851]

The finest badger hair is picked from the back of a rare breed of a long haired species of badger, only found in more remote areas of China. This hair is alot more expensive as it is of a limited supply and consequently more expensive as a raw material.

In the making of this fine brush you waste nearly half of the badger hair in the production process which is also an expensive overhead.
Finest hair is of similar grade to what Rooney's used to make their special brushes when they first started.

Super Badger Hair
[Image: Rooney%20super%20badger.jpg?m=1347219186]

The hair is Silvertip then re-dressed and re-graded in England.

This means the bundle of badger hair is sorted, the short and twisted hairs are removed from the bundle. This leaves the hair feeling softer and whiter. Also by doing this it gives the brush better lathering and water holding capability.

[Image: rooney%20silvertip.jpg?m=1347219851]

The hair is picked from the back of the badger.

Best Badger Hair
[Image: rooney%20best%20badger.jpg?m=1347219185]

The hair is picked from the pars costalis of the badger.

Pure Badger Hair
[Image: Rooney%20pure%20badger.jpg?m=1347219851]

The hair is picked from the neck, shoulder, abdomen and buttocks of the badger.


All hair supplied by R. A. Rooney & Sons Ltd, belongs to the species Meles Meles which is not listed under the CITES agreement and that the county of origin of said hair is the People's Republic of China.
All badger hair has been disinfected by steam for a period of not less than 2 hours at temperatures over 110 degrees Centigrade.

Progress Vulfix

Information available in their web site : Vulfix Original Badger hair grades

Pure badger
[Image: Vulfix%20pure.jpg?m=1347220659]

Our Pure Badger hair is of the highest quality, carefully graded for hand filled brushes. It is regarded as the benchmark in terms of quality by leading shaving brush manufacturers. The hair is dark and silver in appearance, immediately identifying the brush as being of an above average standard, and confirming the purity of the hair mixture. This grade of hair is firmer to the touch and is favoured by traditionalists looking to exfoliate the skin prior to shaving. Our Pure Badger range comes in the classic tapered head shape.

Vulfix super badger
[Image: Vulfix%20super.jpg?m=1347220659]

This is a very high quality grade of badger hair, used only in our hand filled brushes. This hair is chosen by the more discerning wet shaver for its softness on the skin and water retention qualities. A unique dark band capped by light, almost white tips makes this hair very recognizable in its appearance. All of our Super Badger brushes are hand made and the tapered head shape is achieved without the use of trimming machinery, a time saving method employed by other manufacturers. As a result we guarantee the softest and smoothest of shaves from tips in their natural state. A Super Badger brush should give its user many years of service.

Vulfix Silvertip
[Image: Vulfix%20silvertip.jpg?m=1347220776]

This is the finest Badger hair available in the manufacture of shaving brushes and it originates from the neck of the animal. Its limited availability gives the badger hair special status amongst the shaving fraternity, indeed some would deem it the holy grail. The hair is untreated and comes in its natural state, shaped by the hand and left un-trimmed to give an exceptionally soft feel.


This information is taken from shavemac's blog : Badger hair qualities.

Pure badger hair
[Image: shavemac%20pure.jpg?m=1347220944]

Pure badger hair has a color pattern of dark gray and is very sturdy. It already combines the distinctive lathering features of all badger hair bristles and the ability to retain plenty of water.
Due to the hair´s sturdiness, pure badger hair brushes are ideal for people who favor a good massage. At the same time, they offer a reasonably prized opportunity to start with a premium quality shaving brush.
Shavemac uses only the best quality of pure badger hair. The hair of our shaving brush has always its natural tips, which - still intact -add to a longer durability. The hair tips are not trimmed.

Finest badger
[Image: shavemac%20finest.jpg?m=1347220944]
The quality of fine badger hair is nearly as good as that of the silvertip badger hair. Not only does fine badger hair give a soft and comfortable shave, this grade is priced very reasonably as well.
The hand made heads of this quality are very soft and display the manufacturing expertise.

shavemac silvertip
[Image: shavemac%20silvertip.jpg?m=1347220962]
Silvertip badger hair is extremely soft. It also features its distinctive and unique color pattern: a slightly silver shimmering color with a dark band.
Not only is the perceptible high quality a hallmark of silvertip shaving brushes, they are also unique because of their high durability.
Shavemac uses nothing but the finest silvertip badger hair for the manufacuring of these premium quality shaving brushes.

shavemac D01 silvertip
[Image: shavemac%20silvertip%20D01.jpg?m=1347220944]

This silvertip shaving brush is made of extra robust hair and is densely packed. Thus the form of the brush stays very compact and keeps in shape. These shaving brushes have a “backbone” and massage very softly yet firmly your face.

shavemac D01 silvertip two band
[Image: shavemac%20silvertip%20D01%20two%20band....1347221186]
In contrast to the usually 3-band hair, consisting of light-dark-light sections, the 2-band shaving brush has only silver shimmering tips and a long dark section down to the handle. To achieve this effect, you need specially long badger hair as only these do have the appropriate long sections. These long hair are in addition very dense and firm creating a uniquely sturdy shaving brush.
As most of the badger hair parts are lost - the end of the badger hair and not the tip is trimmed to its final length - more weight in hair is needed.Therefore this brush is more expensive. Furthermore, these long hair are very rare and are not always available.

Distinctive features are:
- different appearance
- perceptively stronger hair

Edwin Jagger

Information available here : http://www.theenglishshavingcompany.com/...ushes.html

[Image: edwin%20jagger%20silvertip.jpg?m=1347221374]

This is the highest quality of all. The finely graded and sorted pure badger hair is the softest, rarest and most expensive badger hair; with natural untrimmed silver tips, it is the highest quality available in shaving brushes worldwide. The pure colouring of this hair is enhanced by careful hand grading and filling. The shape of our silver tip filled brushes is created by hand. The long hair from the neck of the animal is ultra soft, flexible and will provide years of luxurious shaving.

Super badger
[Image: ej%20super.jpg?m=1347221374]

This is the finer hair from the back of the badger, it is longer and softer than ‘best’ badger and, because it is finer, requires more hairs to fill a brush. This high quality grade of badger hair is only used in hand filled brushes. Visually, the badger bundle displays a distinctive black band capped with pure white tips and is presented in a natural fan shape, using the natural hair ends to create the shape and softness. The shape of Edwin Jagger Super Badger filled brushes is created by hand. We do not trim the hairs to create the overall badger bundle shape, a time saving method used by some other suppliers.

Best badger
[Image: ej%20best.jpg?m=1347221374]

This is an excellent quality of pure badger hair. It is normally regarded as the benchmark standard of shaving brush manufacturers. The hair is harvested from the majority of the pelt, including the belly. It is generally darker in colour although the colours of individual hairs vary from grey and brown to black. This quality creates lather far superior to that resulting from the use of a bristle brush.


Information available here : Shopping guide

The "High Mountain White"
[Image: Plisson%20HMW.JPG?m=1347221901]

Caracterized by its softness and its extreme resistance. Its rarity makes it an exceptional brush.

European White
[Image: PLisson%20EW.jpg?m=1347221901]

While keeping most of the qualities of the first, will however be not as white, not as luminous.

European Grey
[Image: Plisson%20EG.jpg?m=1347221901]

Has more spring, is firmer. This quality combined with its softness, makes it one of the mostly used shaving brushes.

Black Quality
[Image: Plisson%20CG.jpg?m=1347222066]

Is also pure Badger. Its resistance and its price make it the most affordable of the range.


Information taken from this page : Qualities.

Silvertip badger
[Image: Muhle%20silvertip.jpg?m=1347222247]

Natural hair, the finest material for handcrafted brushes. Its special features are the shimmering silver colour and a black band running through the hair. It is used to make durable, high-quality, unique pieces with outstanding performance qualities.

Best and fine badger
[Image: Muhle%20best%20and%20fine%20badger.jpg?m=1347222247]

Somewhat firmer than silvertip. Best badger hair is worked by hand, while fine badger is processed mechanically. To obtain the typical form, the crown is lightly trimmed where required.

Pure badger
[Image: Muhle%20pure.jpg?m=1347222247]

Solid quality for wet shavers who like a massaging effect while preparing to shave. The band of natural hair is machine-made, and the hairs are more flexible than bristles. The colour spectrum ranges from brownish-grey to black.

Wet Shaving Products

Information taken from this web page (maybe the most informative one of all) : http://wetshavingproducts.com/

Super Silvertip
[Image: WSP%20super%20silvertip.jpg?m=1347222704]

Our Super Silvertip badger hair is the creme de la creme of badger hair bristles. Even softer and finer than Silvertip Grade A, our Super Silvertip will stand up to any of the big names in the industry. Our Super Silvertip is untreated, we achieve a softer brush through better sorting & grading standards.
Silvertip badger hair comes from the neck area of the Eurasian badger. Consisting of the longest and finest hairs, Silvertip is so called because of the white tips of the badger hair bristles. Silvertip is visually distinct from other types of badger hair due to the dark band in the middle and the contrast between that band and the silver tips.
Silvertip badger hair bristles have the softest tips of any other grade of hair. These tips are never trimmed or color treated. Hair of this caliber has the highest water absorption of any known shaving brush hairs. While the quality of lather generation is no better with silvertip than with any other natural hair brush, silvertip is highly sought after for it’s luxurious feeling and beautiful aesthetic.
On the skin, silvertip hair is gentle and luxurious; being the softest of the badger hair grades. Widely regarded as the finest brushes in the world, only a very small part of the badger produces such hairs.

Manchurian super badger

The Manchurian Badger is a distinct species from the European badger used in our silvertip brushes. The hair is longer and thicker. It still features the same three banded appearance, but the middle dark band is much wider, allowing for a two banded look.
Our Manchurian Super grade of hair consists of the softest and longest hair from the Manchurian badger. These hairs are then hand sorted and hand packed into very dense knots.
The tips of the hairs are extremely soft, but features a thicker shaft and more backbone. Nearly as soft as silvertip. This allows for a longer loft, but retains the same characteristics of our 2250 “stubby”.

Silvertip standard grade
[Image: wsp%20silvertip%20standard%20grade.jpg?m=1347222672]

Silvertip Standard Grade is a step down from Super Silvertip. Standard Silvertip features much the same features as our Super Silvertip hair, such as the distinct black band in the middle, soft tips, and silvery white tips. The tips are very soft and have little to no scratchiness on the skin.
Just like our Super Silvertip, our Standard Silvertip badger hair is untrimmed. The main difference is that the tips are a little less white and less hand grading & sorting is involved. Thus, the hair knot will contain more dark hairs and won’t be quite as soft as Super Silvertip.

Finest two band
[Image: wsp%20finest%20two%20band.jpg?m=1347222672]

Our Finest Badger hair is a special two banded grade of badger hair from the Manchurian Badger. It has a visually distinct two banded appearance instead of the normal three bands. Our Two Band Finest features much thicker hair than our grey & best grade hair. The tips are slightly scritchy when dry, but luxuriously soft after soaking for one minute in warm water.
Our finest badger is perfect for those seeking a visually distinct badger brush with thicker hair and a lot of backbone.

Best Badger
[Image: wsp%20best%20badger.jpg?m=1347222672]

Our Best Badger is a fantastic hair grade for veterans and newcomers alike. The banding is not as distinct and the tips are greyer in color. The hair is sourced from larger areas of the badger, including the stomach and back area. Best Badger hair holds a good amount of water and features very soft tips.
Our Best Badger hair is soft on the skin with a firm backbone and a little scritch. Best Badger has been described as having excellent flow through, with super soft tips, and just a hint of the right scritch. It has been compared to Shavemac’s Finest Badger Hair. Our Best Badger offers a good compromise between the lower grade black badger hair and Super Silvertip.

Pure badger
[Image: wsp%20pure.jpg?m=1347222672]

Pure badger is the most readily available badger hair on the badger. It still features a colored band in the center, but the contrast is not as noticeable. Due to its high availability, pure badger is a very cost effective choice.
The hairs are coarser and thicker than finest and best badger. The hairs do not hold as much water as the finer grades of badger hair and will feel scratchier on the skin.
The coarse nature of the badger hair makes it an ideal candidate for soaps and face lathering. The thick nature of the bristles means brushes made out of this hair have a lot more backbone.

Black badger
[Image: wsp%20black%20badger.jpg?m=1347222672]

Black badger features the same quality of hair as our pure badger, but features only the darkest badger hair. Featuring only dark black badger hair, our black badger brushes represent a great option for a new wet shaver or those on a budget.
While many will deride black badger as being the second lowest grade of badger hair, black badger is actually quite soft on the skin. Just like pure badger. Pure badger features slightly more backbone than pure as the hairs are slightly thicker.

Mixed Badger
[Image: wsp%20mixed%20badger.jpg?m=1347222704]

Mixed badger is the lowest grade of badger hair available. Made from the leftover badger hairs, mixed badger represents the bottom of the totem pole of badger hair. Only found in the most economical of brushes, we do not offer brushes made out of this grade of hair

Disclaimer : A few manufacturers claim they source their hair from badgers in Europe, however they have never proven this claim. Badgers are a protected species in nearly all of Europe.


Selected silvertip
[Image: semogue%20le.jpg?m=1347295339]

This hair is a reserved small batch of special silvertip,the closest hair to the badger neck,with extra white tips.

Semogue silvertip
[Image: semogue%20silvertip.jpg?m=1347295339]

This is the finest grade of badger hair. It has white tips, very soft, a dark band and a creamy base. Only a small amount of the hair from the badger is graded as this type. These hairs come from the neck and mane area and provide a very softly but firmly massage to the skin.

Finest badger (two band)
[Image: semogue%20two%20band.jpg?m=1347295339]

This hair has a long second band. It's a thicker hair, so it provides a better backbone than the silvertip. The tips are also very soft.

Best badger
[Image: semogue%20best.jpg?m=1347295339]

"Best" is the middle range of badger hair grade and come from the belly of the animal. The hair is light brown/greyish and doesn't have a much pronounced band to it.

Pure badger
[Image: semogue%20pure.jpg?m=1347295339]

Most of the hair from a badger is from this grade. It's a dark hair, more scritchy than other grades, provides a good backbone and massage.

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Information about badger hair and how is manufactured provided by Bern Blos,shavemac owner.

*The Badger Hair Shaving Brush*

*Quality – Manufacture - Usage - Product Care*

*Quality Grades*

From the various quality of badger hair, we differentiate principally between two types, the *superior or fine badger* and the *pure badger*.

The *superior or fine badger* qualities are categorized by the silver tipped as being the most valuable, and the *grey tipped* as being the value for money alternative.

The main difference between the superior or fine badger and the pure badger, lies in the natural three part coloring of the hair; the lower part being light, the middle area having a significantly darker colour and the tips having a contrasting light colour.

On the “Silver tipped”, the tips are white, thereby giving rise to the claim “the whiter the more valuable” Both are collected in the same way.

Superior or fine badger, the badger’s decorative hair, is mechanically and manually plucked and sorted according to lengths.

The “silver tipped” is collected exclusively by hand.
Pure badger, the mainly grey or black under hair is mechanically
collected and sorted into various lengths.


*Manufacturing of the brush handle*

Essential to the manufacture is:
Badger hair, sensitive scales, shaping box for shaping the form, cord, epoxy resin and skilled craftsmanship.

The diameter of the area bored into the brush handle determines the weight of hair to be used for the brush head.

For example, a diameter of 21mm would require approximately 14g. of badger hair.

The next stage in production is the weighing out of the appropriate amount of hair using sensitive scales which have weights from 0.1gram upwards, (1g. of badger hair contains about 1000 single hairs).

Next comes the forming of the brush head using a shaping box; the bundle of badger hair is turned over so the the tips are pointing downwards, they are then inserted into the shaping box and carefully “tapped” until the correct form is achieved. The shaping box has a contoured inside which gives the brush heads their shape.

Lastly the bundle of hair is bound with cord.

Now any small irregularities in the shading of the circular dark pattern are corrected by hand. In brush makers jargon this is called plucking.

The pattern is thereby precisely aligned so the brush head has a symmetrical and an equally parallel circular pattern.
A true sign of the art and craftsmanship of the brush makers.

In the next stage of production the so-called foot of the brush head is cast in epoxy resin. Following the hardening of this glue, the occasional not secured hairs are combed out by hand. The brush head is then ready for further processing - or rather - placed in the previously prepared handle.

What makes a top class hand finished brush head special in quality is because the tips of the badger hair have not been subjected to any mechanical work.

The forming of the brush head is carried out purely by hand using the shaping box. Under no circumstances are scissors allowed to be used to correct any unevenness.

Only in this way can the value of the hair, which comes from its white tips, be preserved.

A brush head which has been mechanically cut to form its shape, even though the finest badger hair is used, is not worth much more than a brush head of less quality hair.

The last stage of production is the joining together of the brush head to the handle.

Epoxy resin is once again used. Once this hardens, a long-lasting and waterproof joint is guaranteed.

*Usage + Product Care*

Together with solid hand crafted manufacturing, usage and product care are the basis for providing a long-lasting shaving brush and customer satisfaction.

It is necessary to use a quality shaving soap or cream, sufficient warm water, a sharp razor blade or safety razor, a shaving brush (badger hair when possible) and some time.

Before soaping it is recommended that the facial skin is well moistened with warm water. Those wishing to be very professional lay a wet, previously soaked in hot water and wrung out, hand towel on the face. This has the effect of opening up the pores and allowing the shaving soap’s ingredients to be absorbed. As a result, the stubble is forced outwards from the skin and allows for a very smooth close shave.

For soaping, warm water should be used to moisten the shaving brush, and before applying to the face sufficient lather produced. A large shaving brush made from badger hair produces especially copious amounts of lather.

The lather is then applied to the face using circular or oblique brush strokes, during which, strong pressure on the brush should be avoided as this leads to premature wearing out of the badger hair.

During soaping, care must always be taken to ensure that the shaving brush is kept moist. Using too little water causes the lather to break up and prevents softening of the stubble.

For a smoother and closer shave, it is essential that sufficient shaving lather is used, and this applied to the face for about two minutes using a shaving brush. The whiskers can then be removed using a safety razor or straight razor, without causing reddening of the skin or irritation.

After shaving we recommend that any residual shaving lather is removed from the face using warm water and then rinsed with cold water to close the pores. In addition to being refreshing, it also prevents to a larger degree any irritation of the skin caused by aftershaves.

* Product Care*

Essentials are warm (not necessarily hot) water and a shaving brush stand.

After use, any remaining residue from the shaving lather is alkali and this can cause the brush hair to prematurely loose its natural oils and thereby become brittle and prone to breaking, and the shaving brush to loose its hair.

To preserve the durability of the brushes and for reasons of hygiene
therefore, any residual lather should be thoroughly rinsed out,
preferably with warm (not hot) water. After cleaning, excess water should be shaken from the brush. The shaving brush should then be placed upside down in the shaving brush
stand and stored in a well ventilated area in order to dry out.

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Teiste, wow, that was a dissertation paper! Thanks for all of the information. Have you received your PhD, yet? Hee hee.

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Thanks my friend.

Ill be updating the post with more info : I just added the shavemac info provided me a couple years ago by Bern.

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Tieste, excellent work!

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(09-09-2012, 05:11 PM)GDCarrington Wrote: Tieste, excellent work!

Put that down as a sticky!

+1 For sure sticky material.

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Teiste this is beyond an excellent write up my friend! Couldn't describe it any better b/c too find info on Hair Grades for a SB is quite hard. This is explained in the most easiest way to understand the different types of hair grades in a great read up like this!!

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Oww, good info my friend. This calls for a sticky with spreadsheet side-by-side!

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Thanks to the pm's and the commentaries here,gentlemen.

Hopefully,threads like this,could provide good info to those who want to get more knowledge about badger hair grades and brush making,but Im afraid,there is much to tell (much more,by the way).

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Teiste, I tip my hat to you, excellent and useful information Euro Sherlock Thumbsup

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Teiste, another excellent review/article/tutorial.

Job well done sir.BowClap

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Updated with Semogue badger hair grades.Thanks Bruno!

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A most wonderful posting. Thank you my friend!

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Excellent reviews Teiste, are there any plans to add either Thiers-Issard & Omega to this list.

Charles U.K

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(09-12-2012, 10:00 AM)whatmorebrushs Wrote: Excellent reviews Teiste, are there any plans to add either Thiers-Issard & Omega to this list.

Charles U.K

Do they have any self published classifications of their hair grades?

I don't know for sure, but I hear T is working on a uniform grading chart across the different manufacturers. Omega should be on it if true.

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GREAT Resource! Thanks for sharing!

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Reading this thread , I wonder what I was thinking when I wrote it..hope that brings some light instead of more confusion about the badger hair grades...

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