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Letting go of a few items today.  If you have any questions please feel free to pm me.  Let's do conus on this with shipping included in the price.

Strop Shoppe Black Tie and Baker Street soaps with matching aftershaves.  I think I used them twice and you can see the aftershaves are pretty much full.  At one point (ocd) I was putting all my soaps into 8oz containers so I could fit more into a small file cabinet I use for storage.  So, that's why they're not in their original containers.  Also included is 8oz of Tim's Greek Peach.  I bought two 4oz and filled up an 8oz container.  I think it's been used a few times.  Tim's and SS no longer do business and I can't remember the exact costs, so let's say I paid roughly $110 shipped.  Asking $69 shipped.  SOLD!!

Fine Marvel used twice.  Paid $45 shipped, asking $35 shipped. SOLD!!

Soap lot.  Most have been used between 1 and 2 times.  The Talbot was used 3x, and the grooming dept. soaps probably around 3 or 4x.  Paid $230 shipped, asking $99 shipped.  SOLD!!
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