10-14-2018, 09:52 AM
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Hello all,

I was recently reminded to sell a few items to make room for others.  Prices include domestic shipping in the US.  Outside the US, it would be this plus the difference in shipping to the destination.  Three items available today:

1) Two piece Swing Razor.  This is a vintage Swing from I believe the 1930s or so.  This is the only example of this particular model that I have seen, with two piece construction.  It has very thin, but straight as originally built, solid bars, and provides a very gentle shave.  The plating throughout is good with some wear to the top of the base plate as seen in the photos.  It does not affect shaving or its appearance when shaving.  Kind of neat.  I paid about 45 Euro plus shipping from Sweden a few years ago.  I am offering for $35 shipped.  SOLD

[Image: gAAfJGk.jpg][Image: 5OFToWj.jpg][Image: AuzRBVm.jpg]

2) BSB 2 Brush.  I purchased this because I like aluminum shiny things, wanted a chubby style handle and like the look of the knot.  It is simply excellent with very soft tips, no scritch, and strong backbone.  I believe it is a 25mm Vie Long knot with about 48-49mm loft.  This is a great brush but too short for my lather bowl and used it only about a dozen times.  I paid $130 for this, and would like to get $100 shipped.  SOLD.

[Image: pLj5Van.jpg][Image: 8iYurHw.jpg][Image: 2jJpQbf.jpg]

3) Vladimir Ferdman Chubby Style Two Band Brush.  This is a two band brush with I believe a walnut burl handle and a 30mm two band knot.  The knot has soft tips with just a hint of scritch and is the handle is very comfortable in the hand.  I have three of Vladimir's brushes and they are all excellent and provide a value well above their price.  I don't remember what I paid for this, but based upon my other purchases, it was probably a little over $100 originally due to the size of the knot and the wood type.  I am selling here for $50 shipped.  SOLD.

[Image: 7GqKK8R.jpg][Image: Bu0Rfxa.jpg][Image: dy14a1j.jpg]

Please PM me with any questions. 


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