10-20-2018, 02:38 PM
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I am an inveterate scrounger. I rarely buy from eBay, etc, preferring to haunt antiques shops, car boot sales, etc. 

Yesterday turned up a Aristocrat #66, with shipper. The razor appears never to have been used. Everything is intact/there apart from the instruction sheet (if there ever was one). There is always some discolouration inside these cases, but no big deal. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos. Old kinda phone.

I have found a few excellent Aristocrats in recent times, but this was the stand-out, because it was all there. What did I pay? In US dollars? $20

I'll post another score shortly. But enjoy this one for now.

[Image: GGF9I6N.jpg]
[Image: TEeBQRi.jpg]
[Image: BSf8Na5.jpg]

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 10-20-2018, 02:52 PM
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 10-20-2018, 03:27 PM
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WHOA! Congrats on both finds! I may have to move!!!



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