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$160 shipped within the USA
$170 shipped to Canada
$180 shipped world wide

I am selling a 100 pack of of these vintage Personna blades, I am not looking for trades at the moment. I need the cash and thats why they are priced so low.

Theses blades were made sometime in the 1970s and are are amongst the smoothest and longest lasting DE blades that I have used.
I get an average of 14 good shaves out of them.
The open blade in the pic is not amongst the 100 blades in the pack, its from the remainder of my stash.
Thanks for looking.[Image: 999b0e9551e798d138b0614ab8e944fd.jpg][Image: 41ed0584ad5bd5c26234bb848c3f9d45.jpg][Image: 5f642a95b1e9b9a81bc2650141038169.jpg][Image: 893e775bf57db29a48dbb769dc2bea6d.jpg]

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