10-27-2018, 04:37 AM
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Evenings Ladies and Gent’s for your consideration I have this items for sale:

King Cobra razor bought it new and used twice, perfect condition retails $220.00
Asking $145.00 shipped SOLD

Merkur progress long handle used four times, perfect condition retails around $79.00 Asking $40.00 shipped SOLD

Vintage SK-3 R. Saito Straight razor paid $220.00 shaves wonderful, blade is in great condition overall (little tinny specks on the tang nothing major) again is vintage.
Shave ready at my standards, Asking $165.00 shipped SOLD

Kanayama 70000 leather strop bought new few months back used 2-3 times this is an amazing high end strop best I ever owned, perfect condition, retails $310.00 @ Fendrihan.
Asking $180.00 shipped SOLD

Soap lot (selling as lot) 90% remaining asking $40.00 shipped SOLD

CONUS ONLY thank you for looking
[Image: 95a7d9684ac5db8d78dfe3984f029197.jpg][Image: ddf3f18f04528a826bf1e5d5eaa14264.jpg][Image: 04effd062b1d489e18a46b213d5d1237.jpg][Image: 09ee49d24d9aed124a0fbc6a9e97d484.jpg][Image: 4636fd069783abb46856c934ce2498bc.jpg][Image: be5d89e1d4ee4de6a60b70aad270df31.jpg][Image: c44707be50fe9465d07969fe959e06b9.jpg][Image: 85730ec1c223d3fdb80a5481fc11a351.jpg][Image: f8bd5c618bdbebd7c7d88d8620e95ec5.jpg][Image: 3e33483e6ae5602f3abeec3129c9a30a.jpg][Image: a7f6dc80b193775ebf690791b2c05c0a.jpg][Image: 34472b43226ca24ca482fdb33ce000bf.jpg]

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 10-27-2018, 06:55 AM
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Great looking gear


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 10-29-2018, 06:48 AM
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Reduced prices let’s add some fuel to the deals...

cobra SOLD !!

SK-3 now $130.00 shipped SOLD !!
Merkur now $40.00 shipped
Kanayama now $190.00 shipped
Soap lot now $30.00 shipped SOLD!!

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 10-29-2018, 12:34 PM
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Wow.  Great prices.  Quite the smile on that blade! Congrats to the buyers.

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 11-04-2018, 07:04 AM
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Strop now $180.00 SOLD
Merkur razor SOLD
Thank you TSN

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