10-27-2018, 06:58 AM
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I'm looking for a Blackbird Sabre level 2 head (top and bottom plate in excellent condition), no need for the handle. 
Second choice for a trade would be a Blackbird Dart razor (complete)
In return I offer these two brushes (I'll send registered with tracking):

Plisson White Evolution Metal Synthetic 22mm (handle is Nickel - copper) with the new evolution hair that's feels more like badger hair and is meant for the sensitive skin.
Price new is $100 - £79 - €88,5 (plus postage from Plisson France)

Plisson Acetate Burgundy Synthetic 22mm
Price new is $90 - £70 - €79 (plus postage from Plisson France)

Have a nice weekend!

[Image: qlXsun0.jpg]

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[Image: 7wWxDCj.jpg]

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