11-03-2018, 07:50 AM
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Do you super lather? If so, what is your favourite one for autumn?

Today is a cool, wet, miserable day in Toronto. After some sniffing around the den, I found the perfect two ingredients. Now, I don't expect a lot of agreement on this one, but I'll share anyway.

Strong 'n Scottish by Meissner + Krokos by Abbate Y La Mantia. I think they're a perfect mix. And, I can also see why it's a...how should I say it?....acquired taste. Actually, perhaps not acquired. I think you have to be born with the liking of Strong 'n Scottish. Or, perhaps raised with the scent from a very early age. Anyway, I think it works beautifully today.

Do you have the ideal super lather blend for autumn?

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