11-03-2018, 02:25 PM
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Also for sale is 86 trucks or 430 Gillette Nacet blades. These tucks came on the display cards of 100 blades.
I am asking $45 shipped for the blades.

I also have a jar of Soap Commander Resolution used twice along with a balm that probably contains more than half to 3/4 of the product left and a brand new Sapone di Paolo Lemoncello soap. Looking to get trade the soaps and the one balm together (let me know what you have but the Resolution is extremely rare and hasn’t been available for awhile but was made within the last year or so).
I may consider selling the SC and SdP but as of right now, I would rather trade it for something else that is cool or hard to find.

For sale is a WK Dance of Agrumes set that was used twice. Included will be the tallow soap, after shave, balm, and the EDT. This set cost me $113.96. It’s a great scent but I like several others just a little bit more and don’t mind passing this one on to someone else. These items were all part of the most recent limited release.

I am asking $110 shipped to the US. No international shipping due to alcohol splash. This is not available at this time.

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