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Both as beauty and efficiency, my fav is a custom shaving brush.
Made by a friend of mine, an italian pro carpenter (Enzo aka Bat71@ilRasoio).
I call it Cashmere, both for the colors and for the sweetness.

These are the main features:
• ergonomics of the shapes for a comfortable grip
• personalized craftsmanship on the lathe
• local olive wood handle, with a cream-colored glossy finish
• real abalone shell inserts
• 24mm soft synthetic knot, Yaqi SK07 formally Maggard Beige
• medium size and relatively low setting (24x50x115mm)

[Image: bNv13HB.jpg]

More pics in SOTD, see here.

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 01-09-2019, 12:32 PM
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Mostly for the cause, a fundraiser by Mark @ Simpsons, for Craig's Heartstrong Foundation. 
A flawless Simpson Balmoral, knot 32X63 mm, handle 119 mm. Second to None.
[Image: aHStOMz.jpg]

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