11-20-2018, 03:41 PM
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Sold! Thanks TSN!


I am offering for sale the Asylum Evo DE Razor.

This sale comes with two plates:
1) Standard Gap plate
2) the "Model T" more aggressive plate.

Note again: this comes with TWO plates, making this a fixed adjustable razor.

I partially traded for this razor from another gentleman from the 'Nook.'
Based on the cost of what I traded and the cash I sent, I spent $225.
I have not used this razor since trading for it earlier this year.

The 'Model T' version has not been available for a long time in either the matte or polished version
Also, this is the matte version, and only the polished version of the standard gap Evo DE appears to be available at this time.

Retail price for Standard Gap or Model T is: $185
My offering price is: $185

Note that I am offering both the Standard Gap and Model T.

HOWEVER, since you are getting both plates and the matte standard gap is no longer available along with the Model T, my offer is this:

In order to purchase the Asylum, you must also purchase a brand new/unused Castle Forbes Lavendar Shaving Cream (retail price of $44).
My offering price for the Castle Forbes Lavendar is: $40

1) Asylum Evo Standard Gap Razor
2) Asylum Evo 'Model T' plate
3) Castle Forbes Lavendar Shaving Cream (brand new/unused)

I am asking: $225 shipped CONUS

[Image: PgSVI8o.jpg][Image: gEIx5nG.jpg][Image: BwCG7YH.jpg][Image: 6ah5OFp.jpg]
[Image: OTol5Ug.jpg]

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