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I went rummaging around in a storage area looking for a what I assumed was a Double Ring that I'd purchased many years ago to write a piece and ask members questions about this assumed razor. While looking I unpacked this beautiful 1916 Silver Aristocrat in its Ivory box. I purchased this razor about 15 years ago on eBay and paid $68. at auction.

The Aristocrat has had a long illustrious history here in the US and Britain (the British produced a large variety of Aristocrats that are the best made of this breed). According to Mr. Razor, the first Aristocrat was the American 1914 that came in gold, then came the silver in 1916. Following these early model came a gold TTO in 1934 (first TTO razor) with more models to follow. The first British came in 1936 to a Japanese Aristocrat set 1969 (Mr. Razor)

Another interesting item about the Aristocrat, the 1934 2nd generation of Aristocrat was paired with the Bulldog handle (Barber poll design) that became known as the Aristocrat handle, all the British Aristocrat razor's used this handle. The 1940 through 1950 U.S. Aristocrat had a variation of the 1934 handle, this variation was applied to Gillette's President, Diplomat, Fatboy, Slim razors.

Over the last decade, the name Aristocrat has been applied independently to a very desirable razor handle recreated by some very talented artisans. This wonderful handle by itself has been re-created as it was originally intended as well as in variations by extraordinary talented artisans like Triad, UFO Jurgen Hempel etc. in a variety of materials.

So Gentleman please look in your dens and closets and posts stories and images if you so choose of your wonderful Aristocrats razors and handles (original design). Please do not leave out the Executive or any razor that has the originally designed Aristocrat handle.

1916 Silver Aristocrat with the Bell handle, it is this handle that distinguished the first Aristocrat from other razors in that era.

[Image: NGGmC8d.jpg]

[Image: TnFd58g.jpg]

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