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*when replying, please avoid posting direct links to non-affiliated vendors. 
*Disclaimer: by the time you read this, some deals may be sold-out, coupons-expired, etc. Best intentions and all that jazz, but it happens. 

Vendor Deals:
1. BullGoose Shaving: RS-10 & RS-18 and various Asylum brushes on sale while supplies last
2. Shannon's Soaps: 15% off 4 oz shaving soaps and shaving gift sets
3. AboveTheTie: Massive 50% off sale - includes all Atlas & Kronos razors, matte finished caps, plates and stands. Use SHAVE50 code at checkout
4. Simpsons Shaving Brushes: discounts on various items, including top-tier Manchurian badger brushes 
5. Blackland Razors: (starts 5pm Friday)
6. WetShavingProducts (WSP): 10% off sitewide, use BLACKFRIDAY10 during checkout
7. GiftsAndCare: up to 50% off various products
8. RazorEmporium: 20% off


Non-Vendor Deals (no links please):
1. Barrister & Mann: 15% off all products (except samples, waves, and Vespers) use BLACKFRIDAY during checkout
2. Italian Barber: various deals all week until supplies run out
3. Maggard Razors: two different times for various deals (11am, 4pm?), cyber Monday deal 12% off use code CYBER12
4. Black Ship Grooming: 15% off everything
5. Chatillion Lux: 15-25% off aftershaves, EDT, and EDP
6. Chiseled Face: 26% off everything, use code TI19-XW5P-JX8Z
7. Crowne & Crane: 20% off everything, use code TURKEY 
8. Declaration Grooming: 15% off 2 soaps/aftershaves BFCM15, 25% off 3 soaps/aftershaves BFCM25, 10% off knotting services KNOTS10
9. Dr. Johns Shaving Soaps: BOGO 50% off
10. Groomatorium: 20-50% off various products while supplies last
11. Henri Et Victoria: 75% off clearence items GONEFORGOOD75, 25% off everything else JUSTFORYOU25
12. Noble Otter: (starts Friday) 15-30% off soaps & aftershaves, 40% off synthetic brush, 10% off bath soaps
13. OneBlade: 30% off everything, use code HOLIDAY30
14. Stirling: 25% off badger brushes, various sale prices on bath soaps, shave soaps & aftershaves
15. Tallow & Steel: (starts midnight EST on Thanksgiving day) 25% off soap & afterhsave combo
16. Sudsy Soapery: 41% off, use code CYBER18
17. West Coast Shaving: 40% off WCS branded products, 20% off everything else
18. Wholly Kaw: 15% off, use code THANKSGIVING
19. TryABlade: 20% off samplers
20. Mike’s Naturals: 15% off
21. Soap Commander: 15% off
23. Phoenix and Beau: 25% off

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 11-22-2018, 06:49 PM
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And might I add a huge thank you for sharing these awesome deals.

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 11-22-2018, 10:20 PM
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Quite welcome Garb! 

*added RazorEmporium

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 11-22-2018, 11:07 PM
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Summer Break Soaps is also having a sale, items are already marked down on their website.

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 11-23-2018, 03:03 AM
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Much of this has already been covered by @mike_the_kraken

Some new things, and some more details here:

Above the Tie
    50% off Atlas and Kronos razors, caps, plates, and stands (matte finish) with code SHAVE50

    30% off Rockwell 6c
    $12.92 for 4 pack of Col. Conk Shaving Soap
    20% off 1 Standard Razor with code SRBFCM2018
    30% off 2 Standard Razors with code SRBFCM2018
    43% off 100 ct Feather Razor Blades
    18% off 100 ct Astra Platinum Razor Blades

Barrister and Mann
Starts Black Friday at Noon EST
    15% off all products [EXCEPT samples, Barrister's Reserve Waves, and Vespers] with code BLACKFRIDAY
    10% off Barrister's Reserve Waves and Vespers complete bundles
    FREE Patches shaving soap (while supplies last) with orders over $100
    FREE Domestic Shipping over $75

Blackland Razors
Starts Black Friday at 5pm PST
    Dart Razor from $89.10
    Sabre Razor from $157.25
    Blackbird Razor from $157.25

Black Ship Grooming
    15% off all products

Chatillon Lux
    20% off Parfums and Eau de Toilettes
    20% off Skin Salves
    15% off Aftershave and Toner
    Free Eau de Treget 1 oz Aftershave with purchase of 2 oz bottle of Eau de Treget Eau de Toilette
    25% off Candles

Chiseled Face
    26% off everything with code TI19-XW5P-JX8Z

Craving Shaving
    20% off all Brushes

Crowne & Crane
    20% off Everything with code TURKEY

Declaration Grooming
    FREE Shipping on Domestic Orders
    15% off 2 Soaps, 2 Aftershaves, or 1 Set with code BFCM15
    25% off 3 Soaps, 3 Aftershaves, or combination of the two with code BFCM25
    10% off Knotting Services with code KNOTS10

Dr. Jon's Shaving Soaps
    Buy 1 Get 1 50% off all products except clothing

Gladiator Grooming (Based in Netherlands)
    15% off Gladiator Grooming branded Starter Kits and Brushes Until 21 November 2359CET
    10% off Gladiator Grooming branded Starter Kits and Brushes and Free Shipping in EU from 22 November until 25 November

    $7 for any Stubble Buster Product
    Up to 33% off Soap Commander Products
    Up to 32% off Ginger's Garden Products
    Up to 40% off Haslinger Products
    Up to 50% off Clearance Products
    Up to 35% off Catie's Bubbles Products
    Up to 20% off Tiki Bar Soap Products

Henri Et Victoria
    75% off clearance items with code GONEFORGOOD75
    25% off regular items with code JUSTFORYOU25

Imaginary Authors
    50% off All Samples

Maggard Razors
    FREE CONUS Shipping on Wednesday Nov 21 with code BFSHIP
    22% off Samples on Thursday Nov 22 with code BFSAMPLE
    Available Friday Nov 23 at 11am EST
        36% off Slant + MR14 Razor
        79% off Alum
        36% off MR5 Handle
        43% off Muhle 35K252 Brush
        60% off Arko Shave Stick
        45% off Taylor of Old Bond Street - Jermyn Street Cream
        40% off S-TIP 20mm Knot
        54% off Merkur 38c Razor
        41% off Haslinger Sheep Soap
        49% off V3A Razor Head
        36% off Purple Badger Brush
        44% off Red Synthetic Brush
        59% off Baili Gold Razor
        40% off R41 Grand Razor
        62% off 22m Synthetic Knot
        33% off Razor Wall Plate
        37% off MR15 Shaving Starter Kit

    Available Friday Nov 23 at 4pm EST
        31% off Australian Private Reserve Winterfall Soap
        51% off Merkur 31c Razor
        44% off Blue Synthetic Razor
        32% off CJB Kamisori
        20% off Ralf Aust 6/8 Straight Razor
        45% off 2" Black Strop
        37% off R41 Twist Razor
        43% off Omega 13564 Brush
        43% off Travel Synethic Brush
        50% off Dopp Bag
        65% off Gillette Silver Blue Blades
        48% off 25 pack of Blades
        43% off 75 pack of Blades
        46% off Boker Synethic Brush
        65% off 30mm Synthetic Knot
        39% off MR18C Shaving Starter Kit

Noble Otter
    15%-30% off select Soaps and Aftershaves
    40% off Noble Otter Synthetic Brush
    10% off Bath Soaps
    Maybe a surprise on Friday

OneBlade Razors
    30% off everything with code HOLIDAY30
    FREE US shipping on orders over $100

Oz Shaving
    20% off with code BFCM18

Red Panda Grooming
    20% off all grooming items

RocTraitor's Straight Razors
    15% off all Straight Razors

Shave HQ
    10% off Vintage Value Starter Kits
    10% off Straight Razors
    Free domestic shipping for orders $30+
    Limited number of special Thrifty Kits: a razor, brush, soap, blades, my guide to learning to wet shave, and a 10% discount code for a future purchase, all for $9.99

Southern Witchcrafts
    15% off all products

Stirling Soap
    25% off all Badger Brushes
    10 Door Buster 5.5oz bath soaps for $3.25
    8 Door Buster Shave Soap (3oz) and Aftershave (2oz) sets. $7.50 each or $14 for a set
        Black Pepper Lime
        Stirling Greeen
        Stirling One
        Deep Blue Sea
        Kaboom ($1 from each item sold will be donated to charity)

Strike Gold Shave Co.
    Mt. Rushmore one time run Release (Soap, AS, EdT)
    FREE Shipping on Mt. Rushmore set or with $50+ orders

Summer Break Soaps
    $2 off Shaving Soaps and Aftershaves
    $1 off Bath Soap
    $1 off Samples
    Free Domestic shipping for orders over $30

The Holy Black
    Secret Stash - Repository of every Soap and Aftershave ever made - including:
        Gold Rush
        Ramos Gin Fizz
        Jack and Ginger
        Tell-Tale Heart
        Bay Whisky Lime
        Coffee soap
        Sandalwood Smoke
        and more

    A limited number of Jeckyll and Hyde sets will be available
    FREE shipping on any order with code SHIPITFREE
    FREE Derringer Pin and Patch set with every order
    50% off all Pomades with code POM50
    FREE SR-71 Razor with orders over $200
    Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Snake Oils (must add 3rd Snake Oil to cart) with code BOGOSNAKE
    FREE Shaving Cream with any Razor purchase
    50% off Elixir Eau de Toillette

The Shave Mercantile
    New Standard Wetshaving Kit
    Buy One Get One 20% off on Shaving Soaps
    10% off Clearance items with code CLEARANCE
    FREE shipping on orders over $45

The Sudsy Soapery
    41% off everything with code CYBER18
    FREE Pine and Cedar Christmas Edition Soap with orders over $25

Tallow + Steel
    25% off Collections (Soap + Aftershave combo)
    New Collection - Merry

That Darn Rob Shave Brushes
Goes live at 10am EST
    FREE Domestic Shipping

Top of the Chain
    10% off regularly priced items with code CYBER18
    20% off Fragrances
    2x Reward Points

    20% off all Blade Samplers
    New Mega Sampler that includes a pack of every in stock and in product blade (791 blades total)

West Coast Shaving
    40% off West Coast Shaving branded products
    20% off site wide
    FREE US shipping on orders over $45

Wholly Kaw
    New Product - Turmeric serum containing active ingredients of turmeric and black pepper for skin nourishment
    New Soap/Cream - leather, raspberry, honey, coffee et al in Bufala base
    15% off non new release products with code THANKSGIVING

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I tried the 20% code at RazorEmporium with the RAW-RS10, but doesn't work.

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 11-23-2018, 08:53 AM
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Added Mike’s

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 11-23-2018, 10:04 AM
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Plisson Brushes 155 off plus a free tube of Plisson shave cream until  12/5/18

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 11-23-2018, 10:39 AM
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Added Soap Commander

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(11-23-2018, 10:39 AM)mike_the_kraken Wrote: Added Soap Commander

Great list, thank you for the work you've put into it!

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 11-23-2018, 01:44 PM
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Nothing enables RAD like 20% off

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(11-23-2018, 02:33 PM)jackgoldman123 Wrote: Nothing enables RAD like 20% off

Except 50% off.

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 11-23-2018, 03:47 PM
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Updated BullGoose deals

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Added Maggard’s cyber Monday deal

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Added Phoenix and Beau

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