11-28-2018, 12:01 PM
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[Image: b528f5719c6b84209e576eb59d117068.jpg]

Im in love with the scent of the shaving soap of this same line and you can also guess that I adore the scent of this after shave lotion.

While is not the most moisturizing for extra dry skin like mine ( I also live in Utah which climate is very , very dry) it’s scent like the Acqua di Parma Colonia Clásica have truly conquered me in every sense.

The ingredients of this after shave are the following :

[Image: 06b7378ebba2e9a6a4474f65a5f3ea71.jpg]

As you can read , it has an alcoholic based with Aloe Vera and also oils of Argan and Camelia.

It’s texture is like a very light lotion (reminds me of the old Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp after shave lotion) but clear in “color”

The skin easily absorbs the lotion and is not greasy at all , so if you have oily skin or normal would be perfect for you.

In my case I mixed it with some pure odorless Jojoba oil and I get the best of both worlds.

And the scent , my goodness sake , I can’t stop raving about it.For me smells like the AdP Clasica , which is on my top 3 of favorite scents (the others are Creed Original Vetiver and Christian Dior Eau Sauvage).The scent last a lot on the skin , over 3 hours , more than many lotions and balms out there.

As I have said , I couldn’t be happier with it , and with the soap makes a perfect combo , both in skin care and scent.

Totally recommended.

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 11-29-2018, 09:39 AM
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I am glad to hear that you like the aftershave Teiste. I have been using it almost daily since it arrived and am really pleased with it.

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