12-02-2018, 07:37 AM
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Due to the nature of my work I don’t have time to use straight razors as much as I like so I’m trimming my collection and saving a few for my son who has expressed interest in learning how to use them.  All are excellent shavers and will come shave-ready (for my standard), I will be refreshing them in a Belgian Coticule before they are shipped.

Ralf Aust 7/8 Spanish Point, full hollow ground in mint condition and comes with the box, purchased new from Ralf Aust.  US$175 shipped US/Canada. SOLD

[Image: moibYbc.jpg]
[Image: zCQvRRh.jpg]

Henckels Friodur Inox 472, a hair above 6/8, full hollow ground and in excellent condition with beautiful spine engraving.  US$125 shipped US/Canada. SOLD

[Image: 8tPR8T4.jpg]

[Image: Nd75QvN.jpg]
[Image: 50eUXBv.jpg]

Friedr. Herder 77 square point 6/8 full hollow ground, purchased in NOS condition and comes with the box.  This is one of the oldest Solingen brands.  US$150 shipped US/Canada.

[Image: kK8sm9E.jpg]
[Image: xnHRRga.jpg]

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