12-02-2018, 10:41 AM
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I have a few items not getting any use from me. Wanted to put these up for trade. I’m open to almost anything that I can see myself using but ideally looking to trade up to reduce den volume. Meaning multiples for more expensive items. Little bit of everything in the album below. Ideal trades would be anything from Eleven Shaving, Declaration La Foret Soap, Beaudelaire Splash, T&S 150 Soap, Mammoth Sets, Grooming Department Soaps and two flow restrictors from Chiseled Face bottles. Again, open to anything really if it has interest. 


eBarbershop Bold Spice Cologne – Almost full glass bottle. As you can imagine it is an Old Spice vibe on the more pronounced side. I don’t think this is made anymore.

Imperial Leather Soap – Sealed 2 bar English soap. This is from a lot purchase over a year ago. I would have used them but this is the vintage packaging.

English Leather Spiced Cologne – I have a pretty big EL collection already. This is a 1 ounce bottle of their Spiced Cologne.

CL Unconditional Surrender Balm – Brand new. I have another full set of this scent and this is an extra balm. I know he has discontinued specific scents so a good time to grab one if you already have the soap, splash and edt.

B&M Latha Splashes - Levels can be seen in the pictures. As well know Will killed off the Latha line. Good time to get a backup splash without paying auction prices. Figgy and Chypre.

CL PreShave Butter – Used once. What can I say. I tried MLS and CL butters and they do nothing for me remarkable enough to keep. MLS is gone but a chance to trade for the CL version.

SC Passion – Teakwood love. The scent is fantastic. Going to say 50% left but I’m on the conservative side. I matched this with the Teakwood scent from Strop Shoppe but had such poor shaves with the soap I traded it away.

Polo Black – Again being conservative will say 50%. If I had a matching soap would probably keep but the Polo scents in general are pretty strong for office work.

Ogallala Bay Rum – Pretty much a full bottle. Again, matched this up with the Strop Shoppe Bay Rum soap but traded it away. With all the Bay Rum talk and hurricanes here is a chance to pick up a very good Bay Rum splash.

Storybrook Soapworks and CL splash – I forgot to leave the lid in the picture. This is the Storybrook version and La Foret De Liguest toner from CL. I have vintage Brut bottles out the ears. Like to trade this set for a new tub of the LFDL soap from Declaration. I will match with vintage Brut. Just not a fan of Storybooks base they use in their soap.
CL Taum Sauk – I think I splashed this once. The lid on this thing seals but is wonky. This is also the 2nd lid I’ve gotten and they all looked warped but seal. This will come taped up like it is a xmas present.

Floid Suave – Boxed but it has been splashed 3 or 4 times. Used this when I was on my unscented soap kick. Scent just not something I would wear.
Inkwell Stands – I don’t have any handles in the 15-15.5mm zone. My calipers put both stands in that zone.
Maggards Synthetic Brush – Used a few times. Excellent face lather but make no mistake this is their big one. Granite version.
Red Panda Grooming Chai - Unlathered. Looking for Red Panda Yuzu Kumquat. Will take a used set for the unlathered soap.
Merkur Chrome Shave Set – I have everything but the stand at the link below. Looking for $100-$110 in trade value fore it. Pretty much means a set with a frag. Small chip in the base of the brush.

PM with any questions (weights or additional pictures) and offers.

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 12-04-2018, 11:04 AM
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Also interested in Clamorgan AS as well as Noble Otter splashes.

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 12-09-2018, 03:21 PM
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Also interested in Darkfall EDT.

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