12-14-2018, 02:57 AM
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Gentlemen, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I'm offering the following items for sale:

Thater 4125/3 28mm 2 Band Silvertip Badger Fan SOLD

Beautiful Thater with amazingly soft tips and a quite decent backbone. Certainly one of the best brushes, I've ever tried.
Retail $199.00, asking 124$ shipped worldwide.
[Image: 743CgWsl.png]
[Image: ihzqZZGl.png]
[Image: 3jPQDdHl.png]

Da Vinci UOMO 290 25 mm silvertip
Wonderful silvertip knot, in a way similar to Kent but with a bit more backbone. I managed to face-lather without major issues. This is a relisted item with lowered price and new pictures.
Retails around $150-$180, asking 73$ shipped worldwide.
[Image: gCv1PkUl.png]
[Image: uFE6QPZl.png]
[Image: B8EQHdCl.png]

Feather ASD1 stainless steel
I bought this one as a birthday present for my brother but he's stubborn as hell and didn't even want to consider trying it. Truly a beautiful piece of Japanese steel.
Retail unknown, but the AS-D2 goes for $160-180. Asking 104$ shipped worldwide.
[Image: uRMHsDJl.png]
[Image: O8Exq6ol.png]
[Image: MT015BTl.png]

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 12-16-2018, 03:29 AM
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Thater sold, thanks to a kind gentleman.

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 12-19-2018, 10:57 PM
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All sold.

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