12-15-2018, 12:23 PM
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Trying to thin out a bit. Prices include CONUS shipping. Please add 4% for PayPal G&S. Will clean and sanitize the razors before shipment.

The Holy Black Christmas Cookies - unused. There is a very small dent in the top of the tin. Orig retail $69. Priced at $55.  *** SOLD ***

[Image: dCqREjc.jpg]

[Image: gzgJkgJ.jpg]

The Holy Black Caswell Massey Regents in ceramic dish. Unused. Original retail $62. Priced at $50.   *** SOLD ***

[Image: d7DZ4By.jpg]

[Image: VAYrukE.jpg]

Tallow & Steel Boreal set. Used. Acquired in another lot and is a duplicate for me. Soap weighs 5.2 oz and aftershave is over 90%. Retail price $41. Priced at $30.

[Image: evWNs6A.jpg]

iKon X3 Slant razor head on iKon bulldog handle. Like new condition - used 3-4 times. Retail price $55 -65. Priced at $35.  *** SOLD ***

[Image: 1pjV4Bk.jpg]

[Image: ysLIbEn.jpg]

Above the Tie Calypso razor with R1 and M1 base plates. I am second owner, used 3-4 times. Very good condition. Retail for returns is $108. Priced at $80.

[Image: 8xTb5Pn.jpg]

[Image: hVHqlSg.jpg]

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 12-15-2018, 12:56 PM
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iKon X3 has sold.

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 12-15-2018, 01:48 PM
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THB Christmas Cookies and Regents have sold. 

ATT Calypso razor and T&S Boreal set are still available.

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 12-18-2018, 02:44 PM
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T&S Boreal set sold.  

ATT Calypso razor still available.

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