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Going to give listing these here a shot, as I know we have some fragrance aficionados among us. Prices include CONUS shipping. No international for these. I am the original owner of each bottle. Kept in climate controlled storage since purchase. Let me know if you have any questions.

- Xerjoff "Shooting Stars" Nio (sprayed one time) - this 100ml bottle size has been discontinued. I do not recall exact retail prior to discontinuing, perhaps high $400/low to mid $500s. Only place I have found this available is on auction sites for $700+. A 50ml bottle retails today for $260. This bottle, including full serialized presentation box, available for $375 SOLD

- Xerjoff "Shooting Stars" Nio (approx. 40% remaining (otherwise same as above) - available for $155 NOW $110

- Roja Dove Vetiver Parfum Pour Homme 50ml (approx. 97% remaining) - retail is $485. Available here for $255 SOLD

- Roja Dove Elysium Parfum Pour Homme 50ml (approx. 90% remaining) - retail is $485. Available here for $245 SOLD

[Image: pOITSPy.jpg]
[Image: qMTzZZa.jpg]
[Image: KTYsxC5.jpg]
[Image: kA8nrVH.jpg]
[Image: VMFdbDr.jpg]
[Image: M3zb7DT.jpg]
[Image: 0vhhgf4.jpg]
[Image: 8SvB1Hv.jpg]
[Image: F3Fc7oP.jpg]
[Image: qMeh4gH.jpg]
[Image: uiIO32h.jpg]

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