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Here is a balm from the Greek company Korres. I don't know how known the company is outside my country, but I believe that some of you have tried a few of their cosmetic products. It's pretty known in Greece and almost everyone has tried a few of their products.

[Image: DKAEyuQ.jpg]

I was on the hunt for a nice balm. I finished the Myrsol Emulsion last month and that was the only I had. I was thinking about buying it again, but finally decided otherwise. I wanted to try something new to me.

This balm has a very light texture and it is absorbed in no time. This was something I was afraid of, not being easily absorbed, I really hate that shiny look on my face, some balms do that. I took the risk.

The first time I used it, I was surprised at how nice my skin felt (thanks aloe vera and calendula).

About the scent, it smells a bit generic. Nothing fancy. However, I like it. It's refreshing and I detect some light floral scent.

Price was a little under 10 euros from a pharmacy. There was a 30% off sale. For a 200ml bottle with such a good ingredients list for a mass produced product, I think it's a bargain. The bottle is made out of plastic, you probably have already noticed that.

It will last for quite a long time, since I only use a balm once in a while. I don't experience bad shaves, I only use products I like from makers I fully trust and I've stopped experimenting with new ones. 

Here is the ingredients list:

[Image: 6K2kPDb.jpg]

It contains alcohol (Alcohol Denat.) as a third ingredient, after the aloe vera. I didn't see that coming when I bought it. I checked the ingredients list at the pharmacy, but I didn't pay much attention. That's because the company is famous at offering quality products. For that reason, I'm not sure I can recommend it to gents with extra sensitive skin. 

I'd say it's a pretty good balm, on par with the Myrsol Emulsion if not better. At least it is a bit cheaper here and it has a better ingredients list with no parabens.

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 01-06-2019, 12:19 AM
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Interesting, I think I’ll have to get one!

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