01-14-2019, 12:09 AM
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I’m starting to thin my den a little. Up for sale are these razors to start with:

Rocnel Elite 2.1 Aggressive
This was created by Murat on order for me (Serial No. 07). It has a 2.1 blade gap, and to my knowledge currently only 12 units of this razor exist. Used 4 times.
220 € new, looking for 200 €.

[Image: OBrdMNl.jpg]

Rex Ambassador N3
Used 3 times. Adjustables just aren’t for me.
215 € new, looking for € 195.

[Image: JncSUlT.jpg]

[Image: YrXiJCQ.jpg]

Tatara Dark Masamune OC
Used only 2 times.
175 € new, looking for 160 €.

[Image: blCFib1.jpg]

All are in as new condition. No scratches, no wear, no whatsoever. I am the original owner of all and have all the original boxes.
Shipping is 15 € within Europe. Rest of the world should be no more than 20 €. PM me for exact rates.

No trades this time!

If someone takes all three I'll throw in a free Grizzly Bay Silvertip brush!

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 01-14-2019, 07:45 AM
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Rocnel sold.

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 01-14-2019, 02:00 PM
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Wow.  Those are some sweet DEs.  


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 01-15-2019, 01:18 PM
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Rex sold.

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