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Hey guys need to decide in hurry which Simpson to buy.  Have heard great things about both hairs but need to understand the difference from end user perspective.  What are the bowl lathering and face characteristics of each type of hair?  Are gel tips only characteristic of 2/3 band silvertip??  Which is better investment if ever sold down line (highly doubtful but possible)?  This will be my daily brush really about 5 times a week, properly cleaned and stored hanging after each usage.  Do they differ in breakin??  Just presume I know nothing.  Coming directly from Chubby 2 Supper and liked it  Probably get matching breakdown travel brush if the hair suits me.  Simpson is the brand so please let's stick to that line even if Declaration is the knot of the moment.  Every extra cent can get hands on lately going to animal (particularly canine) rescues so not a collector.

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 01-16-2019, 11:30 AM
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One thing I would advise against is using the same badger daily - especially with a dense knot like a Chubby. A brush like that can take a few days to fully dry.

I haven't used a Simpson silvertip yet but I think the general consensus is that Manchurians have more backbone than silvertips. I think both are perfect for face lathering. Mine is a Chubby 3 Manchurian and love it but would love another Chubby 2 silvertip.

Good luck!

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 01-16-2019, 12:00 PM
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The Silvertip hair is finer and the knot is not as dense as the Manchurian.  I can use either everyday, but the manchurian provides more scrub (even though it has pretty soft tips for a simpson manchurian).  The Silvertip is a delight to use, much softer and better flow thru.  Both are great brushes.  Good luck with your purchase!!

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 01-16-2019, 12:07 PM
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Generally speaking the Manchurian knot will be denser and have more presence in terms of backbone and "scrub" for lack of a better term.  I certainly would not call current Simpson Manchurian scrubby, but I use that only in comparison to their 2 band.  

On the other hand, the 2 band will be less dense and softer at the tips. Thus its "gentler" in that sense and has a bit less presence.  Of course, being a dense two band brush, you are still going to get a significant amount of backbone and the accompanying massaging feeling. 

I wouldn't recommend either brush for bowl lathering, as the handle is a bit short and the density of both brushes makes them better suited to face lathering. 2 band hair will curl a little bit at the ends, but I would not call it gel tip.  Manchurian is soft, but not gel like. There is really is no break in period for either brush. 

For resale and longevity, well, the market is currently pretty saturated so dont expect great returns should you decide to sell either brush. To that end, you can lookout for gently used Simpson Manchurians and 2 bands on the BST and pick one up at a decent discount. 

IMHO Manchurian will last longer because it is a less treated hair, mindful that most "2 band" gels and curls at the tips as a result of, at least to some extent, longer exposure to bleaching/cleaning agents. As stated above though, given the density of both brushes and the large investment you are making, I would recommend rotating brushes if possible to allow for a day between each use.  Daily use is certainly possible, but I'm not certain either brush would dry completely on a daily basis.

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 01-17-2019, 10:42 AM
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A somewhat alternative view... You should not worry about using one brush daily five times a week. Just towel dry it, fanning the knot out gently, after a good rinsing out of residual soap following each use. If you need an excuse for another brush, or to obsess as many wet shavers do, that is another storey. May also be a consideration if the humidity is chronically high in your home. Simpson two band typically has a bulb knot, Manchurian a fan knot. Two band have been less commonly available in recent years and they are, in my view, the pinnacle of luxury. Manny catches the gist of the badger differences well. The Chubby series do it all for me wether I choose to lather in a bowl or on the face but bowl depth can be a consideration with the shorter handle. Chubbies are soap hogs and wasteful in the area of software thus for daily use I lean to the Tulip 3, M7, and Beehive styles. Choice of Manchurian vs two band etc could be affected by if you use creams or hard soaps. For hard soap the backbone and hair tips of the Manchurian give an advantage in loading the brush.

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