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(09-21-2019, 03:30 PM)mike_the_kraken Wrote: I’ve eaten many of the sauces shown on the many iterations of this show, and they are primarily focused on heat for ‘shock value’. For instance, they like to use mad dog’s 357 and Blair’s ultra death - both of which are simply hot. They are fun to try, but I’d never make hot wings with them.

Exactly.  Heat for heat's sake is for young kids looking to see who can handle the most.  A stupid endeavor that can often result in someone going to the hospital.  I can say that some of the best wings on the planet are found in Buffalo and only Buffalo.  Anchor Bar has opened a store in NYC but I have not yet tried it out.  But as has been said by others, Anchor Bar is only one offering of excellent Buffalo Wings.  At some point I may head back to Buffalo for the express purpose of finding the best wings the town has to offer.  Obviously I'd love to see what the city is like after 35 years.

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 09-22-2019, 08:10 AM
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Like I said previously, I haven't tried them and would likely not to probably in my entire life.

The point he mentioned before speaking about the buffalo wings was that a lot of the time, when something is becoming popular, the quality tend to decrease pretty quickly afterward.
I see that happening all the time where I live. Something become very popular and then short after (maybe a couple years sometime, but still...) the quality goes down. One of the best example from where I am is the "Poutine". There is 2 restaurant that are disputing themselves for years and years to prove which one was the first to create it. When I was young, they both had extraordinary and tasteful one to offer to the customers, but today what they serve you is just awful. If you want to taste a good one, you just need to go somewhere else. Same thing with a sushi chef that was coming from Japan. A year after they had opened their restaurant, they were customer that were coming from very far to try this place as it was truly an excellent one. But 2 years later, it became a very disappointing place to go. And today,

You mentioned that you haven't been to Buffalo in 35 years, so maybe there's a chance that it is not at all what it used to be 35 years ago. There must be some place that are making great buffalo wing still today. I still want to reiterate that I am not living there, so I am just speculating in the most respectful way possible.

About the Hot Ones, the concept of this show is just to crank up the heat on each wings and see how the guest react while answering those questions. They haven't use any Mad Dog and Blair's product in a while. Back then, these were the products that was available. But since hot sauce and food products are now becoming more popular, artisans are starting to grow their own peppers and making their own sauces (a bit like the artisans in shaving soap world). Blair's and Mad Dog are effectively more on the heat of thing and not that much on flavor. But I have tried a lot of really hot ones that are very tasteful. The only one that is really on the heat of thing that they are still using is "Da' Bomb" because it use chill extract to crank up the heat. But a good sauce can be very tasteful and very hot without using chill extract.

Anyway, I could have continued, but I'll stop here for the moment.

Have a nice day gents.

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Truth be told there are many many great wing spots all over New York , anchor bar is good , I personally feel like there are a half dozen places in Syracuse that have great wings , it’s worth a look around but undoubtedly NY has great wings as a whole.

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