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(02-11-2019, 06:39 AM)MntnMan62 Wrote: I use olive oil instead of butter because it's healthier and has a more distinct flavor.

Quote:I think that the current practice is to follow such an assertion with a disclaimer, The FDA has not evaluated this statement.

You were correct to point out my faux pas relating to it being "healthier".  It is healthier than butter ...

I am not sure that there is consensus on even the latter point. The debate centers on transformations that happen at or near the smoke point, and at what stage various oils start to break down into nasties.  But such discussions are way above my pay grade, so I step out of the fray at the point of noting the absence of consensus, well before I step into the mire of offering a conclusion.

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 02-13-2019, 02:32 PM
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Actually there is a consensus and it doesn't involve high temp's ...

Butter is a saturated fat and sat' fat  promotes the liver to overproduce LDL bad cholesterol. Mono and poly unsaturated fats don't do that and instead promote an elevation of the HDL good cholesterol.

By strictly limiting my ingested cholesterol and sat' fats (good bye all the foods we so love!), and using mono and poly unsaturated fats I have gotten my LDL/HDL blood numbers from 140ish/80ish to 43/72 on Sept' 1, 2018. My Dr told me that folks would kill to get those numbers, but it didn't happen without work. Basically, if it tastes good and I didn't cook it, spit it out. A few exceptions... if it is produced in an establishment that cooks things to order I should be OK with the fish or beef cuts without marbling (filet mignon), absolutely nothing fried (yada, yada, the list goes on).

Sodium is another subject, but important for those who eat for the heart. Check the nutrition labels on prepackaged foods, to include anything not made by you. My intake was easily 3000mg and higher daily. Now it's (some days) below 200mg. But it can't be done with factory made foods that use sodium as a flavor enhancer instead of making tasty food with actual flavor. Read nutrition labels and serving sizes; you'll be amazed at the poison that we eat once we learn what the body actually requires. I regularly give away foods in the larder that I can no longer consume.

Back to the subject.

I still like the egg poaching cups, I just need to learn the timing to get the eggs that I want.

I like that the ones I purchased and used unbleached packaging. I'm no tree hugger, but doing without a manufacturing step (bleaching with Cl and CLO2) is a step in the right direction. I don't need white packaging, just packaging that gets the product to me w/o damage.

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