03-07-2019, 07:43 AM
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I picked up a 6 oz. bottle from Amazon.com.  I used it this morning.  Meh.  Not great, but not all that bad.   But certainly not up to the original Pinaud or their Bay Rum.  I love both of those!  

Whiskey Woods came up a bit short for me.  A sweet powdery type scent that really isn't to my liking.  

Still, I realize that tastes change over time.  So, I'm willing to give it some time.  I'll probably use it here and there and maybe my opinion will change.

Then again, if I find myself NOT reaching for it...well, then that says it all.Smile

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 03-08-2019, 03:16 AM
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Hmmm.  My experience is totally different.  I like the scent better than clubman.  Glad we have the choice and thanks for sharing.

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