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F/S!!!RazoRock Wunderbar Slant Razor w/100mm Titanium Halo Handle w/leather case.
316L Stainless Steel Billet machined from 316L stainless steel because of its hardness and corrosion resistant properties.  The razor is finished using a 3 stage, 3 media, 24 hour, special vibratory tumble process. It's what's called a "Fine Finish", somewhere between a matte finish and a high polish finish.
Wonderful shaver, smooth and efficient. Sold out at RAZOROCK. New version just purchased. I paid $130 SALE PRICE $115. FREE shipping Conus International[Image: 7bf345876e93b9b30dcaa17f0bc2e712.jpg][Image: 055117893d0fe2c13d28cc4105f4be98.jpg][Image: 4bb6ed01cc6337721371852d74c9fd3b.jpg][Image: e8be791cea168b8bd0a06f65e539e761.jpg][Image: ff29e6ef3b27721331ffbb4029fae378.jpg][Image: 9c5b6c45286baadcb910379a653ebe87.jpg]

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