03-19-2019, 04:28 PM
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FS: TIMELESS SS (Stainless Steel) OC (Open Comb) DE RAZOR W/0.68mm Gap Ti Base Plate, W/SS Smooth/Matte Top Cap. 
Handle is a Like NEW SS ATT KRONOS (89mm/3.5”X ½” Diameter, 71g, ($56).
The Stand is an ATT SS Ink Well ($65) Stand. Note: Stand has some small scratches.
Razor & Stand Made in USA,
The Timeless Ti 0.68mm OC base plate is $125, the SS smooth matte top cap is $70
Retail for the  Timeless Head is $195
Total Retail for ALL items is $316
Sell ALL (ONLY) for $199/Shipped CONUS Only Please, NOTE: INCLUDES Timeless Box

[Image: j5QSOpv.jpg]

[Image: 85jaOgh.jpg]

[Image: fZouaW5.jpg]

[Image: uzWv0Sz.jpg]

[Image: Z5C86xM.jpg]

[Image: dlJmzwr.jpg]

[Image: nUY8yvA.jpg]

[Image: xfECT5t.jpg]

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