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[Image: yZVg3Zc.jpg][Image: kdHBt16.jpg][Image: gHik5EK.jpg][Image: 7CfOzw4.jpg][Image: yxQivnd.jpg]Gents,

Hello!  I am clearing out some stuff that I just don’t see myself keeping and using with great joy! It is all great stuff, just not my cup of tea anymore for one reason or another!

So I wanted to pass it along to someone that will enjoy trying and using everything at a huge discount.  Each product has been used with the exception of the DR Harris Puck and the Crabtree and Evelyn Balm.

The lot would retail for well over $200, and I am only asking $110 via PayPal, which will include CONUS USPS Priority Shipping.

I can ship all of it on Monday!

The lot consists of the following:


- DR Harris Marlborough Puck (Unused)

- Murphy & McNeil Naid Duckfat Formula (Scooped Once)

- PAA CK-6 Cane (Scooped 3x)

- Siliski Toasted Almond (Lathered twice and scooped a few times after)

- Barrister’s Reserve Lavender (Lathered three times and scooped twice)

- Klar Seifen Barber Shop Scent (Lather and about 1/2 left)


- Truefitt & Hill Almond (Lathered and about 2/3 left)

- Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood (Lathered and about 2/3 left)

- Taylor of Old Bond Street Almond (Lathered and about 1/2 left)

- Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College (Lathered and about 1/2 left)

- Geo F Trumper’s Coconut (Scooped 1x)

Aftershaves (see levels):

- RazoRock Tuscan Oud

- Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College

- PAA Cane

- PAA Vetiver Planet

- Floid Masaje Genuino Mentolado Vigoroso

Aftershave Balms:

- Bulldog (used 2x)

- Crabtree & Evelyn West Indian Lime (new)

- Stirling Baker Street (used 2x)

- Stirling Executive Man (used 2x)


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