03-30-2019, 03:34 PM
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Gorgeous and cared for razor, no dings or scratches.

Shaves efficiently but not aggressively, typical of a Wolfman there is Zero blade chatter.

I do love it, but my BBS-1 has stolen the show. 

178$ shipped 

**NOTE: I believe original retail was $180-$190 ($250CAD), however it has not been available for quite a while and I can't find any definitive ads that prove that. Price is based on statements made from retail buyers at time of release and posted to forums. Selling for what I paid on the secondary market recently.**

*No Trades Please*

[Image: 59Xbo0k.jpg]

[Image: Gb6M7G9.jpg]

[Image: J2Xb8yh.jpg]

[Image: OkhHsk4.jpg]

[Image: Np8dJRU.jpg]

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