03-30-2019, 05:34 PM
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Timeless titanium razor with scalloped top cap and base plate. Has a .95 blade gap. This razor is in excellent condition. It does not come with a box, only what you see pictured.

$180 shipped CONUS only.[Image: 5864e73def773763027e8714aef1b28f.jpg][Image: a27d556557080b7b2e809eac0ff1c677.jpg][Image: 78818a3d81b5eeb658c3581fbd1f2492.jpg][Image: 2e6908c50b7eb9e6d6d603c5d1882b0b.jpg][Image: c9e5e75e0f579700ac202ab2b3c1087b.jpg][Image: f2d33f3c0d129f65be014ad327cafe86.jpg][Image: 63748256a6d9e19ea027fddd17f791c3.jpg][Image: c695de67677d7271f710df3d3f4b69fb.jpg]

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