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A Ghost Story

At the onset I must inform the reader, I do not believe in a deity, afterlife or ghosts. The story I am about to relate is hearsay. However, the informant was extremely reliable, and truthful, witness. She had never given me any possible reason to ever doubt anything that she told me. Let me start by relating two instances which will help establish her veracity.
In the 1970’s I was living and working in Puerto Rico. My secretaries name was Miss Janier. I never really knew her first name. She was always very proper and truthful. The first day I came to work she handed me a government-issued ballpoint pen. After a few weeks, I lost the pen. I stopped at Miss Janier’s desk and asked her for a replacement pen. She refused my request and promptly explained I was only entitled to one pen per month. Eventually, after forty years of employment, she retired. When I checked over her employee time card I realized that in forty years of employment she had never taken a sick day. I asked her how come in forty years of employment she had never taken a sick day. She replied, simply, that she was never sick during the time of her employment. It would have never occurred to her to claim a sick day for any other reason than actually being sick.
Miss Janier kept an apartment in San Juan for the weekdays. She spent the weekends at her family’s home on the other side of the island. The trip to her family’s home took over three hours and required driving over a curvy narrow two-lane road. The road passed through many small seaside towns. One of the customs in the small towns in Puerto Rico was for the family of a person who was killed in a road accident to erect a cross on the side of the road at the site of the accident.
One Monday morning, after crossing herself multiple times, Miss Janier related the following story. She had left work at 5 pm Friday as usual and set out for the long drive to her family home. As usual, by the time she neared her village, the sun had set and night had fallen. As she came around a sharp turn on the outskirts of a small town a young girl in a white dress, ran out in front of her car. She slammed on her breaks and narrowly missed the girl. Miss Janier pulled over to the side of the road next to a roadside cross and went to see after the welfare of the young girl. She got to the young girl and found her crying hysterically. After calming the girl down my secretary found out the girl was wearing only one shoe and had been frantically looking for her other shoe. Miss Janier searched, with the girl for a while but they could not find the missing shoe. Miss Janier then offered to drive the girl home. The girl refused and said she must keep searching for her shoe. She said, her parents would be worried why she was so late for dinner and could Miss Janier stop at her home and tell her parents she was fine but would be late for dinner.
Miss Janier begrudgingly agreed and drove to the girl’s home. She knocked on the door and was greeted by the girl’s father. She then told the father what had just happened and his daughter would be along presently. With that, the father became very pale, cried out, and sunk to his knees. His wife came running to the door and demanded to know what Miss Janier wanted. My secretary repeated the story to his wife. The wife’s reaction was similar to that of the father. The couple insisted that my secretary come into their home and have a seat. Once inside they questioned her about every aspect of the encounter. Afterward, they told her that she had described their daughter and her dress exactly. Then they went on to say that exactly one year ago she was struck by a car and killed in that exact spot. At the time, the girl was knocked out of her shoes, and no matter how much they looked they never found the second shoe. Finally, the white dress that my secretary described was the girls communion dress and she was buried in that dress.

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