04-03-2019, 06:46 PM
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Thinning the den a tad. Up for grabs is a few software items that have all been used 3x with exception the Chatillon Lux AS, which has been very lightly used twice (but you couldn’t tell).

Catie’s Bubbles - Ruds Suds set. Retail, I believe was $40 or slightly more. Here - $28 (SOLD)

[Image: cba73dd787a650280ad0106d56e1ba8b.jpg]

[Image: b464b92fefaa52d08d3133800f6bcb0f.jpg]

Declaration Grooming - Darkfall (Icarus) soap. Retail - $24. Here - $18 (SOLD)

[Image: bf98049c67dd51a6fcde93ebb72611e0.jpg]

[Image: 8cacba447b9e948b0a80129d23c4dba2.jpg]

Shaver Heaven - Hubba Hubba soap (discontinued, grape bubble gum scent). Retail was $26. Here - $15 (SOLD)

[Image: 16531d328d8d2ef2fd0ca04f5cbac1ec.jpg]

[Image: e69be0092beb2b9fb8e8ac39d9e4a636.jpg]

Chatillon Lux - Delor de Treget AS. Retail - $15. Here - $12 (SOLD)
(Buy any 2 other items and I’ll include this free of charge)

[Image: 76ce27f09c7b134aafd5cc269008c235.jpg]

CONUS shipping included in prices. Not interested in trades at this time. PM if you have any questions or interest. Thanks for looking!

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 04-04-2019, 11:03 AM
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Declaration Darkfall is all that remains.

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