04-16-2019, 03:12 PM
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An unfortunate casualty of my burgeoning love for 28mm+ knots, this just doesnt get enough love from me.

A Lee Sabini knot from the very early days of this company, these brushes are highly prized (and now I know why)! 

One of the very few Sabini Blondes I've owned where the tips genuinely "gel." Pictures included to show clumping/swelling that creates the "gel" effect.

Brush and knot condition is beautiful:
-no cracks or noticeable scratches
-no lettering wear/color loss
-no excessive shedding


(Current PK-47 brushes in 26mm w/ colorful resins sell between $165-$180. I am unaware what this brush sold for new because I bought it secondary and long after these weren't being made anymore.)

*I'm sorry but positively no trades!*

*Price includes CONUS Shipping*

[Image: 98eWJkI.jpg]

[Image: 19wrRKr.jpg]

[Image: 3GmJjnX.jpg]

[Image: ek0wiw0.jpg]

[Image: RyZqwwR.jpg]

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 04-17-2019, 05:04 PM
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