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I've now formed an opinion on the Rasozero Barbacco aftershave splash and I'll share my experiences and views on it. I'm not a fragrance connoisseur so I may not be able to give you a professional review with all the right terminology, but I do have 40 years experience of aftershaves so I'll do my best. 

General: The Rasozero brand is manufactured by the Tcheon Fung Sing soap factory in Turin, Italy. There are currently three soft soaps and three aftershave splashes carrying the brand Rasozero. This is the Barbacco scent, the other two are Agrumella (citrus) and Spiffero (menthol). There isn't that much info out about these products which is why I decided to give the brand a go. I choose the Barbacco because I have read some negative views of the Spiffero and the Argumella is reportedly mostly lemon. Barbacco sounded more fun.

INCI: Alcohol Denat., Aqua (water), Parfum (Fragrance), Polysorbate 20, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Menthol, Dimethicone Copolyol, Tetrasodium Edta, Linalool, Coumarin. 

Performance: Post-shave performance is good and typical for alcohol based splashes. It does not feel "overly alcoholic", does not sting unduly and does not make my skin dry, certainly not more than any other alcohol splash.

Presentation: The aftershave comes in a 100ml (3.4 fl.oz) plastic bottle. Personally I would be willing to pay  a little more to get a glass bottle, but as plastic bottles go, this is a nice one. It has a very glossy finish, making it look like glass at a distance. The advantage with plastic is, obviously, that it's light and won't break easily so as a travel bottle this is a good one. Still... I always prefer glass. YMMV. There was no fancy box etc, the goal here is clearly to keep the cost down.

Price: I paid 6.50€ for this from the German online shop Dambiro, Gifts&Care in Spain want 8.50€. These prices are without shipping.

Fragrance: The product description lists the following scent pyramid: Top note: pipe tobacco and oriental woods Heartnote: Ylang-Ylang and Jasmin. Base note: tobacco, sandalwood. This seems fairly accurate to me. When applying the AS to your face you get a strong whiff of vanilla together with oriental wood oils and the flowery aspect. The tobacco is there but not at all overpowering. I should add that when I say "tobacco" I mean like sniffing pipe tobacco or a cigar, not like tobacco smoke. On the skin the AS has a warm masculine profile with lots of woody and leathery notes balanced by some flowers. I found it very pleasant but if you like light and airy or flowery scents, this is not for you. Think leather furniture, not meadows. Also, I can't smell the menthol listed in the INCI at all so for menthol-haters this is a good fragrance. 
When I asked my wife to comment without telling her what I was wearing she described the scent as "elegant and expensive". 

Longevity: I enlisted the help of my wife for this one. After one hour she could smell the AS clearly as I entered the room but she stressed that this was not at all intrusive. After four hours she could still smell it on me but she had to literally sniff my neck to be sure. Obviously, this is an area where YMMV since different scents on different skin etc, but I'd rate this as an average longevity. It will not be gone quickly but it will also not stay with you all night like for example Floid does.  

Verdict: I think this product is splendid value for money at anything up to 10€ plus shipping and at 6.5€ it's a steal. In my book it gets a minus for the plastic bottle and I recognize that this is not a scent profile that everyone will like. The Barbacco will stay in my rotation and I will try the other two splashes when it's time for a new order. Unfortunately I have not used any other TFS aftershave so I don't know if this is a typical TFS one or not. I wish they sold it in bigger bottles as an alternative (the matching soap is available in 1L packages). Anyway, recommended if the scent seems to be your kind of thing.

My review of the matching soap can be found here.

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Seems like a good product especially the way you have described it in your review. Well done sir and the photos done quite professionally as well.
I'll put it on my list

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That is a well done review.

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