04-24-2019, 01:49 AM
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The last time i used this razor was before i started joining shave forums, and i haven't used it since December last year, back before i had shave soaps or creams and still lathered shave gels.

The first thing you notice about this proudly South African razor is how light it is, the weight is also distributed more towards the head as the razors handle is plastic, not necessarily a bad thing if you're using it as a travel razor.

I own two of these razors although the angle on the base plate on my second one isnt the same on both sides, it still shaves perfectly but does bother you if you're as pedantic as i am, lol.

This is the cheapest razor i have ever used , costing only 25 rand or about 1,5 dollars for the razor as well as five blades. This was the first double edged razor i owned, so it will always be in my rotation and have a special place in my heart. This Razor has tons of blade exposure, greater than the Fatip piccolo, it is however less agressive which i thing is due to the super light weight. It also doesnt shave through hairs as smoothly as a heavier razor, but certainly doesnt tug, and its only fair to mention that i have achieved BBS shaves with this razor which match the shaves from my far more pricey aristocrat and super speeds although the Lion will never match either of those in terms of build quality.

Overall this razor would make a great travel razor, and a great introduction razor to get started with wet shaving, only the Fatip piccolo has taught me more about shaving than this thing has and it most certainly deserves a spot in every South African wet shavers shave den even if it only gets used for travel.[Image: 78fc62604ca62a6ce88c60f3c4596483.jpg][Image: 835bddafe3a232561ce8569e12ea1674.jpg][Image: efe5650dd626159d6e277cbad610f3a7.jpg][Image: 2389c9a6d4494f7de2c9c514dad5eda8.jpg]

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 04-24-2019, 12:03 PM
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I think a good cheap razor is much better than some of the cart razors you find in 7/11. Sometimes I'll grow my beard rather than use a cheap razor. In SA I'd look for the Lion in a pinch. well done on the review buddy.

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