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I picked this product up from a store in Tokyo, and research indicates it was first developed in 1885. The packaging is great, the small blue glass bottle is beautiful (even down to the cute brown top) and yes, it can be used as an effective, very nice aftershave.

It is very affordable, and IMO the scent is just absolutely beautiful, light and herbally, but won't linger for ages. If you like Speick aftershave, you will love this. I picked up two bottles, as well as a couple of bottles of 4711 "Portugal" aftershave: citrussy and great.

I won't go into an ingredients list as that can easily be looked up, so you can check for yourself.

Below, pictures of the Bigansui; first in the box, then just the bottle. I recommend it highly, but as ever, you must decide for yourself. 

[Image: 3Z7moEk.jpg]
[Image: NmqWEQK.jpg]

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