05-09-2019, 09:13 AM
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Quote:Selling the last of my shaving brush collection to help pay off college. All prices include priority shipping. Only shipping in the United States. PM your interests and questions.

I am the original owner of these brushes.
I routinely clean and take great care of these brushes.
I used the MAC brush cleaner, in the back of the first photo, to clean the brushes before the photos were taken.

40. $140. Paladin Sherlock Graphite 26mm 2CLSB5. Retail is $180
41. Sold! $140. Paladin Sherlock Harlequin 26mm 2CLSB5. Retail is $180.
42. $140. Paladin Sherlock Vintage Port 26mm 2CLSB5. Retail is $180.
28. Sold! $120. Thater funf two band badger brush in butterscotch (fan knot, 26/51). Retail is $165.
27. $120. Thater two band badger brush in tortoise (fan knot, 26/51) Retail is $165.

[Image: 97c646db447a5188fa402e283dad942e2a60e807.jpeg]

[Image: 91864e955bdfc68bf865d1d6716096694a62da1c.jpeg]

[Image: 86f9466ca44bfa6d1e8fb042c19d2ef01acb995c.jpeg]

[Image: b9e60f2a4ffcd005d200b920995c838c6d6fa060.jpeg]

[Image: bffaa558c72dab519cfa73797cbb7d297d8884a0.jpeg]

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 05-10-2019, 09:41 AM
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Sold #42 Paladin Sherlock Vintage Port 

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 05-21-2019, 10:57 AM
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