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Each listed price includes shipping in the CONUS.

1) SOLD - Declaration Grooming/Chatillon Lux Set - $95 (retail - $135).  All the soaps are the bison base and are unused.
-Includes tubs of TSM Fougere, Fourth & Pine, Gratiot League Square, Unconditional Surrender, Bon Vivant & Yuzu, Rose, Patch.
[Image: Y9VJOyc.jpg]

2) Miscellaneous Lot - $85 $80 (retail - $130).  I know all are new and unused except maybe the Noble Otter Texaus.  I can't recall if I tried it.  I took a separate picture of it with the lid removed for you to see.
-Includes tubs of Ariana & Evans Barber Sofisticato, Wickham Soap Co 1912 Parma Violet, B&M Hallows, Noble Otter Texaus, Skullbusters Kumbaya, Oleo Peppermint & Lavender and WCS Pear Brrr)
[Image: yMK2tBU.jpg]
[Image: XgyaAFV.jpg]

3) SOLD - Miscellaneous, unused - $55 (retail new - soaps alone about $65. I don't remember the cost of the wood bowl and am not sure if they are still being made)
-Includes SV wood bowl (used) and the pictured soaps (all unused).  The Haslinger is the discontinued tallow version.
[Image: ZGb28kf.jpg]

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