05-24-2019, 01:24 PM
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[Image: UcUuiSn.jpg][Image: AkeMntW.jpg][Image: B891DDb.jpg][Image: hxUZbgn.jpg][Image: 283TLbL.jpg][Image: T4o2t4A.jpg][Image: Dj0HN7p.jpg][Image: ucsqhyb.jpg][Image: Tmla7eH.jpg][Image: ucbIM0p.jpg][Image: 7d5rR4Z.jpg][Image: UAbnkgW.jpg]Gents,

Hello!  Up for sale today is a lot which contains the following:

- Wilkinson Light Brigade Sample (2 blades)

- A NOS Schick Plus Platinum pack of five blades

- A pack of spoilers (at least 5 in the pack...I popped off the first two blades smoothly, and they came out clean)

- A generic and unopened pack of 20 Super+ Platinum blades

- A pack of Gillette Platinum Plus (at least five in pack...I popped off the first two blades smoothly and they came out clean)

- A pack of Schick Super Chromium (it looks like there are two left...I popped off one and it came out smoothly and it came out clean)

- A NOS pack of 50 Marlin DE blades still in the original plastic wrapping.  These are a serious throwback, and were manufactured by the same Marlin Company that manufactures firearms!!!

- A NOS pack of Wilkinson Bonded blades that were made in England that go in the Wilkinson Bonded Razor!!!

If you have been wanting to try some of these amazing vintage blades without selling your arm or leg, this is it!

I would like to get $28 via PayPal, and that will include USPS Priority Shipping!




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 05-25-2019, 07:08 AM
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SOLD! Please archive! Thanks TSN!

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