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I've been trying out various blades in my various razors, and so far this is the ones I remembered to make notes about, ordered alphabetically:

Astra Superior Platinum: A blade with a well deserved reputation, smooth and sharp and suited for every razor I've tried it in.
BiC Chrome Platinum: Okayish for the first shave, horrible on the second go. Firmly off my list.
Feather Hi Stainless: A wicked sharp blade that performs well in any razor, but is best tamed by my Feather Popular.
Gillette Goal Stainless: Works rather well in my 22R and 39C - four shaves and still smooth.
Laser Super Platinum: Middle to bad blade - sharp enough, but not very smooth. A decent choice if no better blade is available.
Lord Platinum: Works very well in my 39C, my 985CL and my 22R.
Racer Super Stainless: A middle to good blade, depending on the razor. Worked better in my Parker 22R TTO and in my Racer razor than in my Merkur 39C Slant, no tugging but not the smoothest blades out there.
Shark Super Chrome: A middle of the road blade in my 22R and 39C - but gives a very good shave in my Merkur 985CL open comb travel razor. Also works well in the cheap YUMA razor.
Treet Platinum Super Stainless: A Pakistani made blade that works well in my 25C open comb and my 958CL. Well worth looking into.
Willikins Sword: Shaves well in any razor, especially so in my 39C slant.
Zorrik Super Stainless: A pretty decent blade, works fine in my Yuma and 985CL.

YMMV, but I think it would be fun if others can add to and expand the list... getting every DE blade there is listed might be a bit much to hope for, but it's worth a shot Tongue

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 09-17-2012, 11:24 PM
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Ok. Great idea. Bought a 100 pack of Astra Superior Platinum yesterday btw. Here comes some more. Those that i like most.

Supermax Blue Diamond: Best blade i have. Titanium coated. Very sharp, smooth and long lasting
Shark Super Stainless: A mild blade perfect for my more agressive razors or those i try out for the first time. Last max 3 shaves for me.
Rapira Super Stainless: Very sharp. A little bit of drag first shave. 2 very smooth. 3 ok. However they are not that rustproof.

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 09-17-2012, 11:34 PM
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This is beautiful and a very good idea! I will get my thought together and contribute to this thread as well.

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 09-18-2012, 02:05 AM
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This is a fantastic idea

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 09-18-2012, 06:01 AM
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I aggree the astra sp is a graet DE blade also have you
tryed supermax platinums great shave and cheap as to buy
PS great review!

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 09-18-2012, 07:04 AM
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Here's another brief one with DE blades only:

The Gillette 7 O'Clock Series by color;
Black: Smooth and sharp. Very consistent. Works well in every razor I own, modern or vintage.

Blue: Very similar to the above. Sometimes, I feel it to be sharper, other times not. Always works for me.

Yellow: Sharp and a little less smooth. Seems like a Feather blade to me but not exactly as sharp but it lasts much longer for me than a Feather. Again, always a great shave and it's not razor dependent.

Green: Smooth but less sharp than the above. A very similar blade in regards to smoothness and sharpness to an Astra SP IMO.
Milder for the more aggressive razors or for days when the skin is slightly irritated.

Some randoms:
Astra SP: Smooth and fairly sharp. Consistent and a good test blade for new razors or new software, (in case you get your lather wrong) because it's a forgiving blade. Excellent price to performance ratio. Probably the best in that category.

Feather: Sharp. Likely the sharpest, also the most unforgiving. Unfortunately, one of the costliest. 2 shaves and out for me. Weepers with the third shave every time. It can cause irritation even in a mild razor if you're not careful. If you want a BBS and you are familiar with your razor, your lather, etc. and you have technique, this one will do it. No holds barred. Seemingly thinner with more flex than the above mentioned blades but that is subjective.

Personna Med Prep: Smooth and fairly sharp. Seemingly, a walk in the park for most but I get mixed results with them and I don't know why. I do perceive inconsistencies, rather the opposite and I want to love them yet they don't always provide what I want. Razor dependent for me, they work better in my modern razors as opposed to the vintage pieces

Super Iridiums: The standard? Smooth, sharp.....second in sharpness to a Feather for me. I can get weepers if I am not careful. Many people's #1 blade and while I love them the Gillette Blacks and Blues work better for me.

Polsilver/Super Iridiums: Supposedly the same blade as the above yet I question this even with back to back shaves with the same razor and the same software. All of the above goes for me yet I rate these a tad lower than the Super Iridiums. Why, I don't know. Still, a fantastic blade. Yes, YMMV!

Polsilver: Brown package. Again, some claim the exact same blade as the above two yet I find a definite difference in this one. While the SI and the PSI may be the same blade, this one is not IMO. Still excellent yet less sharp with similar smoothness to the above.

Gillette Silver Blue: A lovely, sharp, smooth blade with great longevity. Nothing off to say about these aside from the fact that they can be pricey from some sources. A great shave, not razor dependent for me, on par with the SI's and the Gillette Blacks and Blues. I'd call this an Astra SP that has been "perfected" and that's a good thing IMO.

Anyone else?! Biggrin

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 09-18-2012, 07:13 AM
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EHV, you and I fall right in line. All those blades are pretty much the same for me with the exact same description. Gillette Blues, Blacks, and Astras are my favorite blades.

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 09-18-2012, 07:37 AM
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And, if I recall correctly, you were my inspiration to try most of these blades. Biggrin I offer a huge thank you!!!

(09-18-2012, 07:13 AM)Dave Wrote: EHV, you and I fall right in line. All those blades are pretty much the same for me with the exact same description. Gillette Blues, Blacks, and Astras are my favorite blades.

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 09-18-2012, 07:21 PM
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When I started blade shaving I kept reading advice to "get a blade sampler". It was clear that some blades and people got along, and other combinations were incompatible. I bought a honkin' big sampler and added to it, folks also sent me blades to try. It turned into a sampler from hell, and by the end of testing not long ago I was burnt. But I had the data and didn't want it to just let it die. I was wondering how I was going to do this. I also knew I wasn't going to put raw data "out there" and some of my text, while meaning something specific to me might mean something different to other folks.

You do understand it's the biggest YMMV item? These blades have been tested in numerous razors of mine from mild (for as long as I could tolerate that) through an R41. It took about a year and a half to do this and at the end of that time I never wanted to see another unknown blade; I still don't. I didn't have all of the razors all at the same time, but the best blades have been used in all of my aggressive razors and get my seal of approval. I found that if a blade worked great in one razor (esp' a mild razor) it worked great in all of them. Maybe 1 or 2 exceptions, when I find them in my records I'll make a note here.

For the blades to make my best of list they needed to:
1. produce a great, comfortable, and close shave
2. do it at least 7 times (note that a blade can give 3 fantastic shaves and still have a negative rating)
3. work great in all my razors from mild to the most aggressive
4. Price meant absolutely nothing- it wasn't part of the testing

My test protocol was to begin testing the blade in a Tech, then progress up the aggression level with each razor, same blade. At some point I mothballed the Tech and Superspeeds (as incredibly boring) and just used 3 piece Gillettes, the Slim set to 9 and the R41.

OK, to make this easy for me....

+ + means it's among my top blades and I either would or have bought them
+ means I could use it in a pinch but don't intend to buy any more (what I have from the sampler is plenty)
- means they are just mediocre to absolutely horrible

FWIW, my terrible and mediocre blades the wife is using up in her Lady Gillette. Near as I can figure she is immune from the ill effects of junk blades.

Astra -
Bic Chrome Platium -
Bic Astor -
Bluebird ++
Bolzano +
Derby -
Dorco 300 -- (both Dorcos are the only blades that didn't make it through the first shave
Dorco 301 --
Feather - (during the 3rd shave it becames junk, otherwise a great shave)
Gillette Wilkinson Sword ++ (that's how my notes have it listed)
Gillette 7 O'Clock Green ++
Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow ++
Gillette 7 O'Clock Black ++
Gillette The Spoiler (vintage) + (didn't make the 7th shave)
Gillette Platinum -
Kai - (2 great shaves only)
Lord Super Stainless +
Lord Platinum Classic -
Nacet Platinum -
Merkur Super - (only 3 great shaves)
Permasharp Super ++ so far (But still in testing, I have inconsistent results)
Personna barber blade ++
Personna Platinum SS +
Personna Med Prep ++
Personna Lab Blue ++
Polsilver Super Iridium ++
Shark +
Sharp -
Schick Plus Platinum (vintage) ++
Schick Super Stainless Super Krona Edge (vintage) ++
Super Iridium ++
SuperMax Super Platinum ++
Treet Classic + (didn't make a ++ rating because of the carbon steel only)
Vidyut SuperMax ++
Vintage carbon steel blades (all- no exceptions) --
Voshkod Teflon -
Wilkinson Sword Edge (vintage)++
Wilkinson Super + Chromium (vintage) ++
Wilkinson WalMart +

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 09-18-2012, 07:49 PM
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Well, i guess i can add to this thread even though i have had a limited trial with blades. Here goes:

* Super Iridiums = my favourite DE blades that i have tried; work in all my razors; provide a smooth and comfortable shave; very sharp, smooth, and long-lasting; highly recommended!

* Perma-Sharp Supers = very nice blade for the price; fairly sharp and smooth; 4-5 shaves, but you can feel the deterioration by the 5th shave; recommended

* Gillette Yellows = very sharp and somewhat smooth; 4-5 shaves; good overall blade; recommended

* Polisilvers brown = sharp and somewhat smooth; good blade; 4-5 shaves; recommended

The following i have tried, but did not enjoy very much as they were either too sharp or not very good and did not last long:

Feather Yellows + Black
Gillette Blues + Blacks + Greens
SuperMax Super Platinums

As always, YMMV.

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