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Hi everyone - 

For sale are three items.  These prices include CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Mail with Tracking.  If you are an international buyer, please let me know and I can work out shipping costs and additional services.  I usually end up splitting any difference in cost.


1.  Declaration Grooming Washington Ebonite Brush.  B3 batch of hair.  24/25mm knot with around a 50mm knot.  A lovely brush, excels at everything.  The ebonite is more striking in hand that my pictures can describe and it feels great.  My understanding is that these ebonite brushes were a one-off.  I purchased it from the original owner for $200.  I am asking for a little bit more, $215, to defray the costs of shipping and insurance.  If you don't want insurance, let me know and I can knock off some off the price. SOLD!


2. Grooming Dept soap lot.  To be honest, both the special edition DFS Chypre Vert and the After the Fire soaps have very little left, so I am essentially including them for free.  The Verbrannt has about 1/3rd left and both the Mallards, Dappered and Fougere, have about 80% left.  The Dappered and Fougere cost $50 new.  So I am asking for $50 total for all of the soaps.  


3. Simpson Major Travel Brush in Best.  17mm knot/38mm loft.  In my opinion, the best and classiest travel brush out there.  Originally designed for Major Victor Beeching during his Himalayan exploration.  This one comes in Best which I don't find to be much less of a grade than Super.  The design allows for the brush to dry even while screwed in such its "case" is open at the bottom.  Can be used either screwed in for a substantial handle or screwed out.  I purchased this new for $90 so I'm asking for $50SOLD!

As always, please PM me with questions.  


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