06-06-2019, 04:11 PM
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All prices are inclusive of US shipping. International shipping discussed on case by case basis and will increase price accordingly. Payment by Paypal.  

Brush measurements should be close and are measured with calipers, but are approximate. 

Brushes are being sold only as a pair for a total of $400.  Not interested in trades or separating at this time. 

Willing to sell the brushes separately for $315 for the Rooney and $75 for the M&F. 

Few additional pictures added below. 

1. Rooney Heritage 2-Band Stubby 3 XL 28.5 mm knot/48 mm loft - The definition of unobtanium. I purchased this several years ago from the original owner and have only used it once or twice and not in probably over a year. Comes with original box, which I believe mislabels it as a 2 XL. 

Handle is 55 mm tall and 40 mm wide at top and bottom and 38 mm wide at rings. 

Brush is in excellent condition and has wonderful soft, but not overly so, tips supported by a very dense knot.  However, it still maintains wonderful flow through. Not like anything currently available. Some imperfections on letting which is common on brushes from this time period. Just selling to fund some other hubby related purchases. 

[Image: REgGUqW.jpg]

[Image: xmxfXc2.jpg]

[Image: 1hQxJjY.jpg][Image: HWtvHka.jpg][Image: rS3PTmX.jpg]

[Image: 5khcS2X.jpg]

2. Morris and Forndran Polo - SOLD24 mm knot/45 mm loft Blonde knot - All Lee. I picked this up just a month or so ago on the forum on a whim, and really didn't need any new brushes.  I used it once and can confirm that it feels more like vintage M&F finest than blonde, which is not uncommon for brushes from this time period. Wonderfully soft hooked tips, but too soft for my preferences. 

[Image: 6aKDukw.jpg][Image: l0l6MTQ.jpg][Image: a7UKlZC.jpg][Image: iL8OtNd.jpg]

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 06-08-2019, 04:36 AM
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As requested for a an idea of size and density here is the Rooney next to a pre-collaboration 2 ring. Rooney left M&F right. 

[Image: NaJXYy3.jpg][Image: WIMGPFz.jpg]

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 06-08-2019, 01:23 PM
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Congratulations on the Rooney 3 ring two band. I would of jumped had it not been for the show side lettering, but I’m weird like that. Cheers!


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