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Simpson’s Chubby 2 Manchurian Badger in Butterscotch - $370 (Available from Simpson’s $397) There’s not much that needs to be said about the Chubby.  This brush has never seen water and needs to find a home where it can be used.  My measurements of this brush are:  Loft – 49mm; Handle Height – 45mm and Knot – 28.5mm

[Image: AZpHpGj.jpg]
[Image: heH5tjJ.jpg]
[Image: KZujSkT.jpg]

Floid Blue – NOS - SOLD Not available for purchase through vendors $65.00  A true classic aftershave that is one of my favorites.  Don’t remember when this one disappeared from retail outlets. 

[Image: 8iEh56Q.jpg]

Martin De Candre Shave Soap –  NEW – All listed come in glass jars 

RoseSOLD $69 Retails in US $80
OriginalSOLD $60  Retails in US $69
VetiverSOLD $67  Retails in US $75
FougeréSOLD 1, Additoinal Jars Available $67  Retails in US $75
Unscented – $60  Retails in US $69

Cased Wilkinson Sticky in Excellent ConditionSOLD An excellent razor that needs to find a new home where it will be used.  Razor opens smoothly and closes snug. The case does have some scratches and one picture shows a flake crack on the end.  The case opens and closes well.  I have another sticky that I use on occasion and have found it to be a mild razor providing a DFS. Buyer will also receive a pack of 10 my favorite DE blades  Super Iridium – $107  

[Image: G1iYfyx.jpg]
[Image: mHs4Set.jpg]
[Image: rzH0vEI.jpg]
[Image: PwMX6JG.jpg]

UFO Grand Titan L – Presents as new with Certificate of Authenticity and original package tube.  I am the original owner.  $200

[Image: ic8hq9X.jpg]

All items include CONUS shipping and fees.  Payment is via PayPal.  No trades.  Please PM with any questions.  Thanks for looking.

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Remaining Items Withdrawn - Please Archive

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