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All prices are inclusive of US shipping. International shipping discussed on case by case basis and will increase price accordingly. Payment by Paypal.  

1. Titanium Paradigm SE  - $370 - SOLDRetail when was available was $395 - In excellent condition. Simply stunning razor, but just moving along to fund some other purchases since this one has not gotten a lot of use. 

[Image: tM95OJU.jpg][Image: Jlx5Azg.jpg][Image: T29i6qw.jpg][Image: n8C8CQ6.jpg][Image: GE455Ue.jpg][Image: sfcVBJn.jpg][Image: tfW5WWc.jpg]

2. M&F Alibaba in Faux Ivory with Tortoise Collar in Blonde - 26 mm x 50 mm knot - $225 - Retail is $225 with a several month wait time and blonde hair is currently unavailable. A custom order from Brad and is presently the example photo on his site for the 26 mm Alibaba.

This is probably the best looking brush in my collection, but its just too large for my preferences.  Its has been used less than five times and not in quite some time. Knot is what I refer to as "true blonde" meaning it differentiates itself markedly from finest and is my favorite grade of hair. I definitely have mixed feelings about letting it go, but its not getting any use. 

[Image: 8bfkMVw.jpg][Image: 1A4kMwT.jpg][Image: fmtjmGQ.jpg][Image: JlIyS1q.jpg]

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