06-09-2019, 12:21 PM
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I have 6 tubs of Wholly Kaw SE (Donkey Milk versions) soaps that I want to part with. The picture of the first four have only been used one to two times each as you can see by how full the tubs are when opened. The picture that has two tubs in it shows that I have used those 6-8 times. There is still quite a bit left in those. The first 4, I am selling for $20 per tub with a minimum purchase of 2. The other 2 are $15 each and selling as a 2 some. If anyone wants to buy all of them together, PM me with an offer. These all sold for $25-$26 new. [Image: 80985a6d595de6f68b4a98e86bcf52ec.jpg][Image: 5569435210d70899c35e8f55735d94f7.jpg][Image: 2b99e49f4d76a6a342d232d480bea347.jpg][Image: 3e5a31f72d32973cc4d658588eefec3e.jpg]

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