06-10-2019, 07:25 AM
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I have been spoiled lately with great new safety razors and this have been a great surprised for me : the Haircut and Shave CO double edge razor.

I'll start from the end : if you're looking for a smoother than smooth razor , no matter the blade you use , the Haircut and Shave CO closed comb is what you're looking for.Hard to beat on that regard.

This razor is 100 per cent hand made in US using , as most of the current Artisan razors , 316L stainless steel.However , the end cap on the closed comb head is made with anodized aluminum in black color , which gives it a cool look , as you can see on the pics.

When a friend of mine told me (he also have used this razor) that there was no blade feel at all , I was a little bit suspicious but gentlemen , it's true : no matter if you use a Feather , Iridium , Astra Green or Blue blade , is basically impossible to feel the blade during the shave.

Of course that has its pros and cons.

Pros : ultra smooth shave.In my case , with a medium beard , only two razor passes for a BBS (with the grain and across the grain).

Cons : since there is no blade feel you can press more than you need or go faster and irritation or cuts might happen.

This razor has a weight of 130 grams according to my electric scale with an excellent heft and balance.

The only but is the handle : it's design is different and doesn't copy other handle designs out there (I'm glad that the new razor makers are bringing new design styles to the table) but needs a better finish and polish for the 199 dollars that this razor cost.

However , I have spoken to Aji , the man behind these razors and have told me that he is working in new design and a polished finish for the handle , as well as in a 100 per cent stainless steel closed comb head.

I have been using this razor with different handles like the Jürgen Hempel and Muhle Rocca Black and I have enjoyed it shaves like no other razor.

If I have to make a ranking of the smoothest double edge razors I have tried , this would be as per today :

1.Haircut and Shave
2.Seygus Aluminum
3.Timor closed comb head
4.ATT M1

I'm very happy to see new razor makers out there trying to provide a good quality product , increasing the competition and bringing new ideas.This Haircut and Shave CO razor is not perfect (handle needs to be improved) but man , does it shaves like heavenly glory ? Oh yes , it does.

Looking forward to see the improvements that this razor would experience in the next few months and if you have medium or hard beard but you're looking for a very smoooooth shave , this is your razor.

[Image: 5c77c77be22a32e1c2f49e0867dae523.jpg][Image: ea15f4bf22fe61c0cbe55853589dc53b.jpg][Image: 496d6c6b9d1264d9609028195ea39fe6.jpg][Image: c2e1b62334573a1250c1faec1179d146.jpg][Image: 645b7abea0cbb00825d5341dff2442ef.jpg][Image: 00e3fb1e4583fa347a3f7ab45cae169f.jpg][Image: 818c5fe4551cf35e2e65888ad15ffad6.jpg]

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 06-10-2019, 09:05 AM
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There was another thread, but it doesn't mention the name/maker of the razor.  Here were my initial thoughts.

Had my 2nd shave with the N075 tonight.  I'm not going to go in too deep regarding the shave as I just got it a couple of days ago.  But I will say I'm enjoying it so far.  I enjoy my mid-aggressive razors and this razor falls right in that group, or at least close to it.  It's not mild by any means, but just aggressive enough for me to call it mid-aggressive.  I usually judge a razor's efficiency based off of two factors.  The first being how much stubble was removed after the first pass.  And secondly, how many passes do I need to get bbs.  In both cases the N075 has excelled so far making it a highly efficient razor for me.  With one pass it mowed down the majority of my growth which surprised me.  As far as number of passes for bbs, it performs well at 3.5 which is normal for the razors that work best for me (Rex set at 4, Gamechanger .84, Mongoose SS and Rockwell plate 4).  So far I'm happy with my purchase.  Is it worth $190?  In all honesty I think the price is pushing it.  When it arrived though I was surprised, as it looked nicer in person as opposed to the photos on H&S, but I believe it's a step below ATT and Timeless in regards to quality.  If my wonderful shaves with it hold up as expected, then I'll have no disappointment towards my purchase.

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 06-10-2019, 09:06 AM
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And here is my follow up after 3 weeks of exclusive usage.

Alright, had this razor for 3 weeks now and thought I'd revisit here to share a few thoughts.  I was initially skeptical about the price in regards to the build.  Even though it's clear that the tolerances are tight and I see now flaws whatsoever, I thought I expected more in quality, possibly a polished finish.  Well, I am sold on the quality.  It's not flashy, but more of a working class piece of equipment.  And knowing what I know now, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another if I happen to damage it, lose it, or a deranged ex-girlfriend steals it.  I've shaved with it for a solid three weeks and I couldn't ask for a better shave.  Smooth, good balance, feels safe and gives me superb shaves.

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 06-10-2019, 10:16 AM
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This is an excellent razor all around. It shaves quite well and provides BBS, irritation free, shaves each and every time...love it!

A very big thanks to rawfox1 for bringing this razor to my attention.

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 06-11-2019, 12:58 AM
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(06-10-2019, 10:16 AM)Entasis Wrote: This is an excellent razor all around. It shaves quite well and provides BBS, irritation free, shaves each and every time...love it!

A very big thanks to rawfox1 for bringing this razor to my attention.
Thanks for the mention. I am glad you are enjoying it

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