06-17-2019, 11:39 AM
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Due to the nature of my work I haven’t been using my SR so it’s time to clear some razors. For sale is the Wacker Jungmester 7/8 in horn, purchased it directly from Wacker a couple of years ago. It’s a wonderful shaver and well taken care of, the only problem is the blade is not centered hence the price. It is shave ready. US$235 shipped US/Canada.

[Image: 5c0cbbef3b4321f171b5569fe6ad4f1c.jpg]
[Image: 30eefb0d1cfa3553f2e8ab04b16ffea9.jpg]
[Image: 4b527fc273664b46261c0abaf3e2d977.jpg]
[Image: 5ff1de7a1b31a523863f9aa8394f003e.jpg]

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 06-17-2019, 01:30 PM
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That is a magnificent blade, and the scales are beautiful!




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