06-23-2019, 11:13 PM
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The SS is a user grade. The twist knob works well and doors open well. Pics show condition. The Old Type is in good condition but has a very slight crack where the ball end is pressed in but doesn’t go past the knurling. I’m looking for some Body Shop Macca Root cream but other offers welcome. Sale price is $23 shipped conus.

[Image: E4955AC7-1331-46F8-BCB3-3A3A60384640_zpsgul1mgst.jpeg]

[Image: 60BD2F36-EDD5-4758-9F09-BC69A3212788_zpsfguwn8hz.jpeg]

[Image: C97E32B7-9EF0-46A3-AC91-A18EF5CF8FEC_zpsqckgyrn4.jpeg]

[Image: A3A66628-CA4E-4EBC-A77E-E1C374B85008_zps84zxrhtw.jpeg]

[Image: A422E3B2-21B1-43EF-A18C-BD7063825CE0_zpsjbxah59u.jpeg]

[Image: 33F15CC6-C532-47DE-8E08-E7365A40C41B_zpsdq5czayf.jpeg]

[Image: 1DE099D5-6AF7-495B-9D30-FAE1FAC9DF12_zpsm07qafs6.jpeg]

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Considering offers

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