07-03-2019, 05:08 AM
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Good day TSN. Today I have a few items I am looking part with simply to thin the den down a tad. Please message me if anything is of interest. Prices include CONUS shipping. Thank you.

Grooming Department Veritas (Lusso base) - Lightly scooped 2x. Retail - $23. Yours - $20. NOW - $18. SOLD

[Image: 0d4e29e221f2214fa1d48e24d2a19355.jpg]
[Image: b6d446897d34b3c1c06c47e66b9a965e.jpg]

Barrister and Mann Vespers (Excelsior base) - BRAND NEW/UNUSED. Retail - $24.99. Yours - $21 SOLD

[Image: 21a002c95cd5add24cfddd7bdd097d5d.jpg]

The Artisan Soap Shoppe (LE) Teakwood set (Tallow)  - used 2x. Retail - $24. Yours - $16. NOW - $14. SOLD

[Image: 8eb99849740edb40f5eb71a8b554ae6a.jpg]
[Image: ec6446dcd571f9a681f68da7a2354b64.jpg]

Catie’s Bubbles/Talbot Shaving Inchcolm (LE) - Talbot Inchcolm scent in Catie’s Bubbles luxury cream base. Used 1x. Top of lid was scratched in transit (see photo). Retail - $15. Yours - $12 SOLD

[Image: 6da1d3d10c816c638ed241eec06e3d71.jpg]
[Image: 395013f3f2b5dbac8409226f0097bb81.jpg]

Fine Snake Bite (in tub) - used 1x. Retail - $16. Yours - $10 SOLD

[Image: 5e1c3ce645cb7235fd443adae3a731b5.jpg]
[Image: 4ffa2e4619a39397e6e75a062d4aa499.jpg]

Brush: Frank Shaving Chubby handle knotted with a 24mm Elite HMW. Just as note, this handle can take a bigger knot. Up to 28mm depending on the knot. Great brush, soft knot, no flaws, just don’t reach for it much these days. Retail would be somewhere around $70. Selling for less than cost of the knot alone ($55). Yours - $45. NOW - $35. SOLD.

[Image: b142216ad53df3e9fcd4d2ddc4177a0f.jpg]
[Image: a2220392ce97a1ee6174b3a84e8f6862.jpg]

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 07-11-2019, 03:58 AM
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To my surprise, all items with exception of Grooming Department - Veritas have been sold. Thank you, TSN.

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 07-11-2019, 04:26 AM
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All items sold. Please archive.

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